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Your Commitment to Us

Twenty-One Success Requirements 

Re. the Open Door Wealth Management 

OCS Mentoring Program

1. Within 1 week of receiving your training materials, please set out in handwriting your specific income goals for the next 6 months; for 1 year and for 5 years. Review those goals daily (i.e., tape them to the sun visor in your car) and forward a copy to bg@landtrust with the subject: Weekly Training Report  1 & 5 hrs/wk
2. Maintain a simple daily activity log (i/e/. in a 3-ring binder) of all calls made, all ads written, all persons contacted and/or calls received relative to your RE investment efforts. Mail copies once per-month to your trainer at ODWM (do not miss a month)  Daily/15 mins
3. Review and complete all training materials books, workbooks and recordings,including at least three repeat run-throughs of the compact discs (suggest at least two to three hours per-day to review)  2 hrs Min
4. Run week-long newspaper and/or Craig’s List (type) ads for Seller-Carry possibilities as prescribed by the course  Run 2 p/mo.
5. After having found a willing seller and having obtained an NEO and having recorded its Memo in the public record (optional), run newspaper ads for“No Down, No Credit Check, No New Loan” buyer prospects to establish a registry of buyers. We can talk about scripts  ——-
6. Inspect no less than two (2) potentially available properties per-week  2 p/week
7. Subscribe to an NOD or Foreclosure (Lis Pendens) List, or visit the county courthouse ea. 2 weeks for such info. Send (min) 20 letters(&/or cards) p/wk to owners in default, who are subject to Foreclosure  20 p/week
8. Follow up on all NOD mailings with 3 more follow-up reminder mailers (See Making it BIG book) — 1 p/wk for 4 weeks until the sale date i.e.,…2 post cards & 2 letters to each party  20 p/week
9. Send “I Buy Houses” Letters to at least 10 additional prospective sellers per-week(…’other than NOD’s)  10 p/week
10. Log on to the ODWM discussion group at www.landtrust.net at least two or more times p/week  30 minutes
11. Attend Sat. AM teleconference/Webinars (only one miss per-month allowed, although 15 in a year will be overlooked in total)  1 hour
12. After 2 mos of mentoring,contact ODWM by phone or Email or Instant Messenger (”IM”)no less than 2 times p/week. After 2 months contact ODWM no less than 1 time p/week for assistance, advice &direction (‘or to say “Hello”):  2 p/mo
13. Attend at least one REI Club or Business Tip Club p/month and confirm your attendance by Email or IM with the principal’s name and phone number to call should verification ever be necessary  2 hrs ea.
14. Join in on all weekly and bi-month ODWM Teleconferencing workshops(no more than 1 can be missed during any four week period)EST. TIME REQUIRED: 1 to 1.5 Hrs PER CONFERENCE  1 p/wk
15. Make(complete and deliver) no less than two bona fide Purchase Offers or Proposals per-week (copies to ODWM for your file) – e.g., for any accessible FSBO, L/O, CFD, Rent to Own, F/C,Estate Property, etc.  2 p/wk
16. Research Foreclosure files for half-million dollar properties everyday 5 times/wk

Within each one-week period, commencing no later than 2 weeks following receipt of your course materials, make every attempt to speak personally (by phone or in-person) with the following (try to exceed these minimums):
17. Speak to no less than three Landlords (Single Family Income Property Owners) per-day, utilizing the presentations provided (e.g., 10 to 14 per-week) EST. TIME REQUIRED: 5-10 MINUTES  2 p/day
18. Speak to no less than one property owner advertising Lease Option or Rent to Own per day (e.g., 5-7 per-week), utilizing the presentations provided in the course. EST. TIME REQUIRED:5-10 MINUTES  1 p/day
19. Speak to no less than two FSBO’s (For Sale By Owner) per-day,utilizing the presentations provided in the course (e.g.,10 to 14 per-week) EST. TIME REQUIRED: 5-10 MINUTES EACH  2 p/day
20. Speak to no less than one (1) Realtor with potential OWC (Owner Will Carry) clients per-day (e.g., 5-7 per-week) EST.TIME REQUIRED: 10 MINUTES
21. Leave no less than ten (10) Answering Machine messages per-week employing the techniques and comments included in and prescribed by the course — EST. TIME REQUIRED: 10-15 MINUTES  10 p/wk


Call on all those in your buyer and/or seller registry at least twice per-month to verify that they are still viable leads. Eliminate them if they are not: i.e., if, say, they already bought or sold; already rented or leased; called you a doo-doo brains, and threatened your life if you ever call again, etc. (‘A relatively rare occurrence)  Optional

NOTE: Absent the necessity of a personal reminder, please take the personal responsibility of forwarding a copy of this report and any attachments to ODWM at bg@landtrust.net, or by Instant Messenger, no less than once ea. two weeks (‘once p/wk is preferred). One’s failure to so report for any two consecutive months will nullify the OCS Success Guaranty, but will in no manner negatively affect your ODWM Network Membership or Member-Marketing-Affiliate status. As well, the ODWM Network Member or Marketing Affiliate can reinstate his/her OCS coaching with the same success guaranty (no charge) at the end of six-months following such cancellation by student or termination by ODWM.

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