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The Benefits of Membership

The Benefits of Membership In the National ODWM Professional Network

The benefits of being part of the ODWM National Training and Partnering Network are many, and a lot of those benefits are listed below.  However do bear closely in mind that the primary benefit of your association with us is our one-on-one training and sincere personal concern for your financial success and security.

Also note that we have reduced the member-registration fee from nearly $8,000 in years past, to just $2,195 today…’which fee will hold at least until mid-year.

NOTE: For any who would wish to partner with us in the marketing of our programs, products, seminars and systems (50:50 share in net profit), we offer a separate (wholly optional) contractual Marketing Affiliation, with your own replicated website, back-office and website management.  ‘Requires a non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $49.95 and $49.95 per-month for an indefinite period, but cancel-able after 36 months minimum term. 

Affiliate applicants must be fully-paid National ODWM Network Members.

Components of your Network Membership:

  • One-on-One Life-Time Coaching and Mentoring
  • Bi-Weekly Tele-Conference Mentoring
  • The ODWM Quick Start Success Pack with all books, recordings and sales aids
  • Full Documentation Manual (‘under continual revision)
  • Members Only access to the National Membership Roster (11,000’s of like-minded Network members across the US)
  • Nationwide Investor Base—Millions at your disposal for closing virtually any type of transaction with partners or co-investors
  • Open communications between you, our office and your prospects for Q and A and assistance with closing your transactions
  • Major Discount (50% or more) on all Documentation Facilitation Fees and Trustee Set-Up and Acceptance Fees
  • Buyer/Seller Client Conferencing with the ODWM Attorneys and Professional Training and Coaching Staff
  • The Book, A Fortune in Free Real Estate—Bill Gatten
  • The Book, Making it BIG in Innovative Real Estate & Keeping It…This Time. Bill Gatten–‘Covers selling skills, motivation, creating a business, dealing with buyers, dealing with sellers, dealing with attorneys, brokers, advertising, state codes and cites, etc.
  • Lifetime Free Attendance at all 1 and 2 Day live workshops
  • Free Legal and Accounting Assistance (by our in-house and retained counsel)
  • Full Access to the Tele-Coaching Archives (5+ yrs of Sat. AM and Wed Eve. training sessions)
  • The 100% Money-Back, OCS Life-Time Success Guarantee (i.e, either you succeed or get a 100% money back refund after a year of following our training)
  • Members-Only Deal-Makers software for structuring transactions, picking mailers, flyers, posters, door hangers etc.
  • Regular documentation and selling tools revisions
  • All paperwork done for your proposals, offers, counter-offers and options
  • Table-Top Client Flip Chart Presentation —synchronized audio track & on CD
  • The Kick-Start Workshop— A condensed 24-hour (2.5-Day) recorded workshop with workbook and sales aids
  • Full Documentation Manual, including trust docs, deeds, notes, eviction letters, options, offer forms, etc.)
  • Do-It-Yourself Web-based Trust Document creation and set-up Service
  • Q&A Booklets for Buyers, Sellers, Realtors and Attorneys
  • 25% Discount on Do-It-Yourself Corp. & LLC Set Up (w/CorpNet.Com)
  • Full Deal-Management System (for tracking & managing transactions)
  • Selective lists of private lenders and vacant properties for your area

NOTE: Certain of these member benefits are not issued automatically and may need to be ordered separately (without charge) by calling 1 (800) 409 3444 ext 150 (Bill Gatten)

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