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Money Back Success Guarantee

Open Door Wealth Management, LLC, a Nevada Limited Liability Company

The Open Door Wealth Management, LLC (“ODWM”) coaching and training program concerning use of the proprietary Equity Holding Trust Transfer™ System will yield its rewards to anyone of normal mental and physical competence who would consistently maintain a sincere and unyielding need to excel financially, and who would diligently and consistently employ the techniques proffered by the ODWM training staff and program (I.e., henceforth think “FOUR”).

Focused Objective + Uncompromising Resolve = SUCCESS

Should the overall Open Door Wealth Management OCS (i.e., “Our Commitment to Success”) agenda not be diligently pursued in earnest, then neither the Open Door Wealth Management™ System, nor any other system of creative real estate acquisition, can be counted upon with any degree of reliability or positive expectation of financial success.

It is an indisputable fact that there are far more students of Creative Real Estate Acquisition who fall short of their hoped-for financial success than there are those who succeed.  The reason for the disparity between success and failure can invariably be attributed to ones failure to remain committed to a focused objective and the uncompromising resolve to complete a goal.  In this regard, Open Door Wealth Management strongly asserts that financial Abundance, although every person’s birthright, comes only to those who earnestly reach for it beyond present circumstances with an unquenchable burning desire to achieve it.

So confident are we in the Open Door Wealth Management training program, that we hereby offer a One-Year Conditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee to any OCS student whom, within one week following the end of an entire calendar year of training, would fail to have attained financial success (i.e., ownership and/or control of–or the foregone opportunity to have owned and/or controlled–interest in real property, in no less than the amount of ten (10) times the amount paid for the Open Door Wealth Management training and course materials.

This Success Guarantee is not conditioned upon completion of even one ODWM Equity-Holding Trust™ transaction; it is based wholly upon the student’s having, after one-year of mentoring and coaching, achieved management and control of real estate by any means resulting directly or indirectly from the continuing application of Open Door Wealth Management’s sales tools and marketing style, as well as the student’s consistent implementation of the minimum guidelines contained in the accompanying 21-Point Minimum Requirements Form.

Should the student be released from the OCS program by Open Door Wealth Management for non-performance, or be released from the program at the student’s own personal request, the student’s National Network Membership remains fully intact, and the ancillary OCS membership can be reinstated in full after a period of six (6) calendar months, to begin again for another full-year for as long as the student might want it to remain in effect.

By my signature below I certify having read this contractual guaranty and understanding that it is conditioned upon my performance as per the accompanying Success Requirements Form, and upon full adherence to the ODWM training and mentoring course parameters.  I agree with all terms and conditions herein without reservation or request for alteration, modification or amendment.

____________________________________________ Date __________________
OCS Network Member

For Open Door Wealth Management, LLC:


“Cause” here meaning the failure of a trainee to complete and comply with the above success requirements over the term of this agreement.
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