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The first point to make w/r this question is this: ‘We at Open Door Wealth Management, LLC (Nevada), offer a Lifetime 100% Money-Back Guaranty to any of our member students, old or new, whom, with our training and coaching, would not earn a minimum of at least 20 times the overall cost of their membership within any given year…’or any subsequent twelve-month period…’for the rest of his or her working life.  Do note however, that in regard to the Guarantee, there is a major caveat.  I.e., the “catch” is that the student must, for 12 consecutive months demonstrate an all-out attempt to follow our training guidelines to the letter and take upon themselves the role of a Motivated, Early-Rising  Self-Starter, while doing what is asked and expected of him/her (i.e., full diligence ‘requires monthly reports and consistent application of all product knowledge and selling skills…’and from 10 to 20 dedicated work hours per-week)

Secondly, it should be clearly understood that ODWM, its staff and students deal primarily–’although not exclusively–in Seller-Carry (“OWC” = Owner will Carry) single-family, free-standing homes, condos, townhouses and common-lot-line Planned-Unit-Developments (PUD’s).   In each of these types of property, ‘given the proper approach and selling skill, many relinquishing property owners (i.e.,  ”sellers”) will agree to leave their current mortgage in place, along with some or all of the property’s existing equity (‘if there happens to be any) for a number of years (i.e., ‘anywhere ‘from 1 to 20).

In other forms of real property acquisition we also have myriad ODWM Network Members across the U.S. who can always be called upon to make loans or provide cash or sweat equity in order to participate with you in a transaction (currently over 16,000 potential cash-investors at your disposal).

In each of the scenarios above, the seller-financing device having been traditionally (formerly) opted-for across the country has been either: a Contract for Deed, a Wrap-Around (“All-Inclusive) Mortgage, a Lease Option, a Lease Purchase or an Equity Share, the use of any of which have largely been rendered impractical and severely curtailed by new legislation: the recent passage (1/10/14) of the Wall Street Consumer Financial Protection Act (i.e., aka, The “Dodd-Frank” Act).

However…irrespective of the seller-carry device opted-for, those mentioned above have always been functional and legal, but NEVER SAFE or well-shielded from standpoints of anonymity or legal vulnerability.  In that regard, ODWM very strongly recommends that, in any real estate related transfer of ownership interest today, the parties and the property itself, should be far more thoroughly protected (shielded) than ever before, i.e., via the use of a title-holding (land) trust transfer, wherein the property is vested in a 3rd-party corporate trustee (i.e., that is, by use of what is commonly known as a “ co-beneficiary directed and managed, third-party trustee trust“).

By use of this extraordinary, centuries old vehicle, it is the trust’s beneficial interest, versus the property’s title (deed), that is transferred with optimum ease, asset-protection and safety… ‘particularly relative to the virtual elimination of litigious threats, spurious lawsuits and ruthless extortion liens that are today so often placed on one’s property in order to coerce an owner into and out-of-court settlement by an (‘often wholly innocent) defendant.

Another major point to be made here is the fact that ODWM’s products and services (largely with respect to the ODWM EHTrust™ Transfer) provide a real estate investor, broker, agent or home seller with professional tools that are available to or even known of by very few others.

For example, the ODWM EHTrust™ is a tremendously effective mechanism for safely transferring full home-ownership benefits to another without the need for a new mortgage, strenuous credit requirements or large amounts of upfront cash.  The EHTrust Transfer™ entails a tried-and-true fully legal assignment of homeownership benefits by transfer of the trust’s beneficiary interest, versus an outright (risky) title transfer to a non-traditional acquiring party (i.e., ‘one who may be coming to the table with minimal upfront money, weak credit and absent standard mortgage loan qualifications.

Note that the risks associated with accepting such an otherwise unacceptable acquiring party are greatly minimized by the EHTrust’s mandatory Contingency Fund and the availability and ease of simple eviction in the event of default Vs. mandatory foreclosure, unlawful detainer and ejectment actions in the face of “Equity Claims” (i.e., an equity claim being insistence in court by a defaulting party that they hold equity in the property and, as a result, are beyond the reach of simple eviction proceedings).

Some of the benefits accruing to an investor relative to the EHTrust™ Transfer include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

  • Transfer of full ownership benefits to a tenant-buyer without exposure to the potential perils of a title-transfer…i.e., ‘usually done in exchange for much higher monthly payments from the tenant-buyer, i.e., by virtue of that person’s gaining access to tax deductions, Use, Occupancy, Possession: that is 100% of all the rights of Fee-Simple ownership of real estate.
  • This type of full or partial beneficiary interest assignment versus sale or leasing the property, frees the owner of record from negative cash-flow, vacancies and all management and maintenance expenses (…and headaches): not to mention the costs of real estate commissions, title insurance, escrow fees, etc.
  • The ability to take-over or assign one’s existing mortgage payments without the necessity of a new loan–’without loan qualifying, while avoiding any violation of a lenders’ alienation provisions (i.e., re. the always present “Due-on-Sale Clause”);
  • The ability to “hide” the subject property from public view with respect to any ordinarily publicly recorded notice of ownership;
  • The ability to protect the property from virtually any legal action that could befall a participant (e.g., ‘creditor judgments; state and/or federal tax liens; legal actions between parties or married couples. partition actions and/or sheriff and marshall sales);
  • Avoidance of interference by probate actions in re. the demise of a co-owner;
  • Asset protection in marital dissolution proceedings
  • Asset protection in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Allowance for a simple eviction process, versus the standard foreclosure, unlawful detainer and ejectment actions relative to payment default; property damage; failure to adhere to contract terms; or relative to the dispossession of an errant tenant-buyer, i.e., that might otherwise (‘without the EHTrust™) have delayed the process with such devices as: process service refusal, avoiding eviction notices, remitting partial payments (in order to force commencing the whole process over again), submitting serial demurrers, filing temporary restraining orders, starting but not completing multiple BK filings in order to fore rescheduling of hearing dates, last minute claims of illness or incapacity, etc.

Here at Open Door Wealth Management, we know, more than most that one’s finding the right and honest coach and mentor in this business of ours is difficult, to say the least, and often overly costly…’and all too often futile.  Today there are thousands of would-be (so-called) “gurus” out there, each of them claiming that what they have to offer is superior to everything else, while they continue promoting their books and courses, which all too-often, because of a lack of follow-up and personal contact, do very little for the student, and end-up unopened and collecting dust on a shelf in the student’s office or garage within a week or two.

At ODWM we can only “presume” that our training and mentoring is the best in the business (‘although, we’re pretty sure of the presumption); ‘however, we tht which we “do know with certainty” is that our products, services and client concern are indeed unrivaled.

Over a course of more than twenty-five years of success in this business, we have made hundreds of millionaires, and have aided greatly in preventing hundreds, if not thousands, of potential lawsuits that would never have been avoided had it not been for the expert asset-shielding provided by the ODWM EHTrust™ Transfer System.

In a nutshell, one might say that holding a property in the ODWM EHTrust™ is analogous to having placed it into a long-term Escrow Process for safe-keeping, wherein neither party to the transaction (‘buyer, seller or investor beneficiary) can do anything deleterious relative to the property, its title or against each other…’such as, say, altering agreement-terms, amending documents or borrowing money on the property–without the express advance knowledge, approval and mutual direction of the other beneficiaries.  This particular feature comes about because, ‘not unlike the escrow process, the land trust corpus (the property) is temporarily (i.e., during the term of the trust agreement) legally and equitably held (i.e., “owned”) in conformity with what is known as the Doctrine of ‘Equitable Conversion’) by a third-party “settlement official” or “escrow officer,” who is contractually permitted and instructed to respond only to express (written) and constructively delivered, mutual direction by all beneficiaries acting in concert.


I’m Bill Gatten, National Speaker, Sales Trainer, Investor, Coach and the Author of: A Fortune in FREE Real Estate; Making it BIG and Keeping It…This Time, and No Down-No New Loan: all featuring the amazing and highly functional and protective Open Door Wealth Management ©Equity Holding Trust (“EHTrust)™ Real Estate Transfer™

Should you be interested in joining us…I will personally welcome you and be elated at doing so, as well as being pleased to serve as your coach and mentor in this business—for as long as you need me. 

To date I have personally acquired well over 250 properties of my own–without a down payment…’without loan qualifying or credit check.  As well, I have facilitated many thousands of other such transaction across the US with/for my students (i.e., ‘our all-important Network Member trainees and partners).

Given thousands of transactions and an equal number of satisfied clients over the years, it must be noted that we have never lost a legal challenge, a lawsuit, or a disagreement by any lender (re. their DOSC) or the IRS.  And we have had  number of such occurrences and have always come away grinning due to our determination to stand by our clients and our convictions from beginning-to-end


The former enrollment fee of $7,995.00 that was in effect for many years has now been reduced (i.e., ‘due to the harsh and unfortunate economic conditions having sorely befallen all of us due to the unchecked greed of the mortgage banking industry)  to only:


[This greatly discounted membership fee is scheduled to remain in effect at least until 3/31, 2014]

Note that if you wish, your membership fee may be paid over a two-month period (i.e., ‘simply divide the amount shown by 2 to calculate each payment no interest or carrying charge-$1,098.50).


The Network Member Marketing Affiliate Program

(Profit Sharing)

Selected Network Members (‘after a minimum of three months of training) are provided the benefit of profit-sharing (50:50 of net profit) on referrals and any and all products, services, seminars and workshops offered Open Door Wealth Management (‘not to include revenue from documentation, legal fees or trustee services).

The Cost


I.e., paid monthly at  $49.00 per-month for current members: (36 months minimum participation if paid monthly… ‘cancellation allowed anytime thereafter.  If paid in full in advance, cancellation may take place anytime the member would so choose.

For New Members:


I.e., $2,197 + $49 p/mo. (1st month’s fee included…’regular, continuing payments begin on the 1st day of the 2nd month of participation)

(Unless paid fully in advance, 36-months minimum participation is required and cancellation is allowed only thereafter.  Profit-sharing begins after four weeks of ODWM coaching and prompt payment…’or earlier, if profit participation is approved sooner by the ODWM training staff.)


Getting started:

In order to join the program, please contact our office at (800) 409 3444 ext. 150 or email: bg@landtrust.net and request an application form.  Take all the time you need for asking question or telling us of any concerns or reasons for any hesitation you might have regarding the Network Membership Training and Profit Sharing.

Return and Refund Policy:  There is, of course a upfront seven (7) calendar-day Return and Refund Policy. I.e., in the event that you would find the program or its materials to be lacking in expected value and content.  All returned materials must be in immediately re-salable condition and be accompanied by all original undamaged shipping containers.  Any amount of such return will be less a restocking fee and any costs of repairs or replacement.

Please note that there will be absolutely no refunds made beyond the cut-off date indicated above (i.e., it is that point at which all membership fees are taken into regular income and expended in the course of doing business…no exceptions).

As an ODWM Network Member you will be afforded a detailed training schedule designed to include personal one-on-one “encouragement calls” for as long as you like, along with one-on-one and group training sessions re. becoming comfortable with terminology, procedures, marketing techniques, proposals and documentation requirements.

As well, we will remain available to speaking with you and your clients anytime you would so request, in order to explain the program to them for you (though you must the on the line with them t the time).  We (you and I) will then get busy with techniques for finding and acquiring motivated sellers (note that we don’t look for available properties: we look for motivated sellers and that’s because we’ve discovered that every motivated seller has one…we are only interested in those who need our services.

We also conduct a 1.5 hour-long group training session every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, PST for our members and marketing affiliates.

So…‘What Does it Really Cost to Join-up (i.e., The Cost Curve)?  Before deciding to come on board with us, do understand clearly that the monetary investment in “The Network” is quite minor compared to the real costs, which includes:

  • My time
  • Your time
  • True passion (your job and mine)
  • A solid determination (on your part)
  • Unyielding truthfulness (your job and mine)
  • Real unflagging determination (your job and mine)
  • Relinquishment of your old ways (your job)
  • A willingness to take directions from others (your job)
  • A ready willingness to persevere in the face of set-backs and discouragement (your job)
  • A clear understanding that setbacks and adversity are God’s gift to Mankind of the opportunity to get to know ourselves. [Epictetus...'I think]

It’s time!  WE NEED YOU in this twenty plus year-old 100% Guaranteed, Lifetime Real Estate Investor Training, Mentoring, Networking and Partnering Program!

  • He who hesitates to take the bus with a pocket full of change, due to a relative shortness of funds will likely go without any (funds) and be left standing in the same spot…for a long while.
  • No matter what the “gurus” may attempt to make you believe, there is not a single money-making plan, program or scheme in the world that will ever work or make you a dime.  That part is always up to you.
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