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NARS Proposal Template (from Oct 2007 Newsletter)

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    Greetings to all NARS Network Members, Non-Members, Real Estate Professionals, Gurus, Wanna-be’s, Looky-lu’s, roadies, rock stars, hangers-on, and all interested others who may be lurking anonymously out there in the ether.

    Everybody into the pool. The water’s great right now, even if Autumn is approaching.

    The following is not meant as a personal response to any individual and should not be interpreted as such. This Newsletter Article has actually been in the making for a couple of weeks and Mark Jones and I just chose today to present this for all of you.

    You know, this subject of the NARS Proposal Template comes up periodically and I really waffle on what to suggest here. The old Henny Youngman gag is what comes to mind, though (which I was not old enough to hear first hand, but I understand goes something like this):

    This guy . . .
    (I love it when an old Vaudeville gag starts with “This guy . . .”)
    Anyway, this guy goes into the Doctor’s Office and says, “Doctor, Doctor, it hurts when I go like this” (shaking arm vigorously), to which the Doctor replies, “Then, my suggestion, sir, is to not go like this!”

    In the old days (like six to seven years ago), there was no “Proposal Template”. The Non-Exclusive Option Agreement (NEO) was just a glint in the eye of General Jim Pasquini, and people all over the country just made offers, usually with the Purchase Offer Agreement, then called the “Appendix 1″ because it was often used as an addendum or attachment to the standard real estate contract in whatever state the licensed real estate professional or Investor was working.

    It worked great. People were doing deals, Sellers were relieved of the burdens of the albatross homes they owned, Buyers were achieving the American Dream of home ownership, and Investors and NARS Network Members were there to acquire interests in the Trusts that held these properties and take their profits to their banks in wheelbarrows (although sometimes, buying all those wheelbarrows cut into the Investor profit).

    Somewhere along the line, technology crept up on us and blindsided us. All of us. Good enough just seemed to not be good enough. So we sought to “improve” the process. Cell phones got smaller, laptops became popular, people went out and bought their own personal itty-bitty music devices (ipods) and personal hydration devices (that would be water bottles; and, just when did America get so thirsty?). Technology seemed to beget more technology and in every walk of life, what used to be was just no longer good enough. Everything needed an upgrade, a newer version number, and a new group of folks popped up that lived only to find fault with every nuance of every piece of this new technology, just to “improve” the process of our daily existence, to make our lives “better”.

    Honestly, I am really no different. Many of you know of my general disdain for my own personal reliance upon this new technology. I am really not a fan of my current reliance on all the new wireless gizmos that I do not understand and never thought that I would learn enough to use. Five years ago, a computer might as well have been a giant paperweight sitting on a desk. Three years ago, I barely even had an email address. Today, well, let’s just say that I am hooked into the wireless world in ways I never dreamed possible. Part of my job these days is actually to be a part of that group that tears apart every nuance of the new technology to attempt to make it newer and shinier and better for all of you.

    That leads me back to the NARS Proposal Template. I realize that this was a rather circuitous hike to get back to the Template. Thank you for those of you who made the trek along with me.

    My point is that in our combined efforts to make things easier and better for all of you, we created this technological marvel of a variable data grid self-populating grand “DOCUMENT” (with a big “D”), called it the Proposal Template, and held it up as the be-all, end-all creation to help you make offers and do deals. In reality, it is more of a “document” (with a little “d”), replacing the Old West Handshake Agreement between two grizzled old dusty gunslingers meeting up in a saloon in Tombstone, Arizona in the late 1880′s. That is the 18(!)-80′s, as in nearly two centuries ago!

    This Template was meant to be a perception doc between two parties, one who owns a piece of property and one who wishes to acquire said property. It was meant to simply and effectively give the seller of a property the perception that, if they were to sell their property, then the only person on the planet they should deal with is you, the party sitting there in front of them, shaking their hand and providing a viable offer and solution to their problem and cure for their pain.

    The NARS Proposal Template was never meant to be perfect. It was never meant to be perceived as an actual Trust Document (with a big “D”). It was never meant to undergo the seemingly intense scrutiny that many of you have put it through. It was never meant to have a version 3.0, much less a version 4.6! It was not meant to be a legally binding contractual Trust Doc (again, little “d”, not big “D”). It certainly was never envisioned to ever attain the status of “Rock Star of the Equity Holding Title Transfer Transaction World” that many of us all have allowed it to have today.

    It is just a tool. A hammer, a screwdriver, a tape measure to assist you in creating perception. That’s all it was meant for. I certainly own my share of the responsibility for this mis-perception. This Department has gone out of its way to improve, publicize and distribute this wonderful work of art that we routinely email out to every Member, lurker and poster out there in the ether.

    We will continue to do so, along with the NARS MAV Fee Calculator and the NARS Land Trust Doc Process Overview, as often as you like and to whomever desires to have one on their desktop. At least, until we create something newer and shinier and better for your use, which, of course, we are already hard at work on and will be distributing soon enough.

    Coming soon to a website or email address near you: New Technology. Hip, Hip, Ha-zaah!!

    In the meanwhile, if the Proposal Template is perceived as causing confusion, disappointment, or anger, if it places your Seller on the defensive or on overwhelm status, if you are not achieving positive results with its use, then one suggestion might be to do as Mrs. Youngman’s boy said and “Don’t go like that!”

    However, there are lots of folks out there who are using this cool tool to great effect. Look, everybody, it’s your business to run and your business decisions to get the job done. Experiment and figure out what works for you. Use the Proposal Template (pages 8-30 or so) if it works for you. Use just the Purchase Offer portion if that works for you. Use the Purchase Offer plus the NEO portions in concert if that works for you.

    But, MAKE OFFERS !!

    It’s a numbers game: The more Offers you make, the more properties you will acquire. Simple concept. Please do not allow the glorious technological advances of the past decade to cloud this in your mind, and as Bill said in one of his recent posts, quit trying to pick things apart to make them “better”. We, at NARS, have lots of folks that Bill pays good money to so you can spend your time transacting business.

    In the very near future, the latest and greatest that technology has to offer will be introduced in the hopes that we can again make your personal and businesses lives easier. In the meanwhile, Steve Perez, Mark Jones and I will be available via email, phone and on our website Discussion Board to help you with the initial planning and structure of your equity holding title transfer transactions, and to generate your actual signable Trust Docs (that’s Docs with a big “D”) and continue to do so in a timely fashion.

    We stand ready to assist in your success in any way we can. And remember:

    JUST DO IT !!

    Thank you,

    Joe Cain and Mark Jones
    NARS Documentation Department

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    The new NARS Documentation Fee Calculator & Schedule is available here: NARS Documentation Fee Calculator & Schedule (to download use right click and choose Save as…)

    The updated Proposal Template (v4.9) is available here: Proposal Template v4.9 (to download use right click and choose Save as…)

    Avatar of jsteel

    I’ve heard there’s a 4.12 version of the proposal template now. If so where can I download it?
    Thanks, John

    Avatar of mtnwizard49

    I think you are mistaken. 4.9 is higher than 4.12. The next one would have to be 5.0.

    Avatar of scott

    @gmialocq wrote:

    I think you are mistaken. 4.9 is higher than 4.12. The next one would have to be 5.0.

    Or 4.92 :D

    Avatar of joecain

    Sorry for the confusion guys.

    4.12 is indeed the latest and greatest, superseding 4.9 and all other previous versions.

    Blame the numbering on the techies. However, I believe that the current version available through this website is 4.12 and not 4.9 as written.


    I went to the members area and the version on the Template download there is 4.8?

    Where so we get the most current template 4.12?


    Avatar of mark_04

    In order to avoid further confusion about which version is the most recent we’ve created this magic link:

    Click here for the latest version of the NARS Proposal Template

    Currently version 4.12 (four-dot-twelve) is the latest, but that URL will always give you the latest version. Eventually the online version will appear there in place of the MS Word template (offline version).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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