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Just shooting the breeze with Geoff

Home Forums General EHTrust/EHT Topics and Creative Real Estate Financing Just shooting the breeze with Geoff

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    Phew, let’s lighten up the board a bit, what with people being band and others being so p’ed off about that – what happened to free speach thing ? – Oh, well!

    Geoff asked about business and so on -

    Thanks, well and in good health.

    In fact at this time of the year have been able to buy fresh figs from Costco – 2 lbs does not last long – and as we have had such a wet spring the peaches are juicy. Bite into one and the juice runs down the old chin. Best to eat them over the sink. What a great time for food.

    Which of course reminds me of Alexander McCall-Smith’s saying – it goes something like this ‘”There is the love between a man and woman and all the excitement and complication, —- then there is the more important stuff like food”

    Avatar of sstanton

    Hey Peter,

    Just relaxing after a wild Rodeo weekend, stayed up way too late Friday and Saturday.

    While on the Saturday call, gunfire broke out, lots of it. Being the curious person I am, I walked into town to see what was up. Well, in typical government fashion, the sheriff and the paramedics showed up 30 minutes late.

    But, hey, the parade in between was cool :lol:

    I took the cell phone and stayed on the call, but I did miss the last question when those young bikini glad girls strutted by.

    Oh well, it’s Monday, back to work.

    Avatar of peter@amakya

    See, Gary this is the point I was attempting to make. Ignoring the positives and emphasizing the negative is a sure way to turn off the vistors to this site. I feel a more balanced approach is needed

    I know many are trained to look at the ‘what if’ scenario and it works well, for some.

    I feel if one ignores the negative thoughts generated by people such as the ‘short guy’ then they will eventfully die, BUT one has to be aware many of the trouble makers are in truth people who bring us back to the centre and are often victimized. Some are not quite as outspoken as is/was our guy, but they are none the less wronged and when all clears they are called whistle blowers. I’m not saying out guy is a whistle blower, but we have to be aware that we have people who are just out there to it pick the ideas apart as you have done here and I’m now repeating.

    Let’s lighten up a bit and get on with the trusts as you and I know how to, to do.

    The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.
    Dale Carnegie

    So, I’ll avoid an argument! :idea:

    Avatar of piloto

    Dale Carnegie… Quite the gentleman, that guy.

    Avatar of peter@amakya

    Ah, yes, Dale Carnegie. Did you do one of the courses?

    Avatar of piloto

    My grandma demonstrated his philosophy in her every day life (she lived to be 101) and introduced me to Dale Carnegie in 1959. I’m a life long student.
    Thanks Peter, for bringing him into this forum.

    Avatar of peter@amakya

    Now that is the way to go. Once you get with the philosophy there is very little one cannot do and your Grandmother was an example. We can all learn from this, for sure. Good to learn from the old people and happy to read you are with the program.

    Avatar of scott

    If yall like motivation videos I have over 300 collected on my vlog.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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