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EHTrust™ – Realtor Benefits

Realtors®…Please let us show you hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions that unfortunately have been hidden-away from you and wholly unavailable to you…’until now.

Think About This if you Would…

Could You Make A LOT MORE MONEY if all your buyers didn’t have to take out a new loan; wait 2-3 months to close; make a large down-payment…or even need great credit (with a reasonable Contingency Fund, ‘even NO credit is often OK)?
Could You Make A LOT MORE MONEY if you could sell troubled, foreclosed-upon, stale listings or even grossly over-encumbered homes quickly (i.e., in a week or less) without short-sale or mortgage modification…’or any other lender compromise?
Really Think About…’Earning thousands of $$$ in commissions relative to our many unrivalled Realtor® services that likely have been wholly secretive.. until now.
Here’s Our Unfailing Rationale…  
1)  There are hundreds of thousands of homes out there today that are in or near foreclosure, wherein their owners would delight in having someone take over the payments and take it off his/her hands, and those folks, almost to-the-person, are willing to keep their existing loan in place.  Some of these properties are over encumbered and some are not (we can handle them either way for maximum benefits to you and your clients)
2) There is another million people out there who would dearly love to own their own home; but don’t have sufficient cash or credit to buy one traditionally.  Many, if not most, of these people honestly don’t care what the underlying loan balance is relative to value, so long as the payments and other costs of ownership are affordable and they can live in a nice home that they can call their own.
3) Obviously, bringing the two groups together and charging for what you can do for them is no real trick, when you know how to do it…and have our over nearly 25 years in business behind you.  In that time we’ve completed many thousands of these kinds of transactions across the US for people just like you.
THE SECRET:  In our proprietary system, the ownership of the property is converted from Real Estate (i.e., realty) to that of Personal Estate (i.e., personalty) by means of a specialized trust.
This action affords an acquiring party, even though not a title-holder or borrower, 100% of all Fee-Simple ownership benefits…’without a title transfer; ‘without a compromise of Dodd-Frank (owner-carry) Legislation; and without a violation of any lender’s alienation provisions (i.e., the loan’s “due-on-sale clause,” which is never negatively affected…’as is well attested-to by the thousands of such transactions we’ve completed over the past 25-plus years).
No longer do you Need to Turn Clients Away Due To:
  • Limited cash
  • Low/no equity
  • Marginal credit
  • Self-employment
  • Recent bankruptcy
  • Short job experience
  • Foreclsoure in process
  • Turned-down short sale
  • Value less than mortgage
You Can Now Offer ANY Client or Walk-In the Following:
  • Quick (or NO) Escrow — typically 2-3 weeks or less
  • Provide a wholly legal and highly protective alternative to old-fashioned and outdated Wraps (AITD’s), Lease Options, Equity Shares and Land Contracts (Contracts for Deed).
  • Provide your client full re-sale or exchange privileges (i.e., §1031) at termination (2-5 years in most cases).
  • Although always available: due to the personal property nature of the trust vesting, the cost of escrow or acquisition of new title insurance can be avoided.
Please take very seriously our bold statement to the effect that there is an UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE of ready, willing and easily accessible buyers and sellers waiting for someone who knows how to do what we do, and what we are now making available to you!
We handle client conferencing for you (i.e, with you and your buyer or seller), as well as completing all documentation, full legal review, and can even provide buyers and properties to you.

And, you can rest comfortably, assured that we at Open Door Wealth Managment (www.landtrust.net) truly do know our business and will assist and guide you personally with every detail, every step of the way in every transaction you do with us (‘obviously, ‘upon our being invited to do so).


“I’m amazed at how easy it has been to put more than 60 PACTrust™ families into properties who never dreamed they could enjoy the benefits of home ownership, especially without any down or bank qualifying.”

- Mark & Sandy Kahn, Bkr/Owners Kahn Realty, Lancaster & Northridge, CA


“If I hadn’t been a believer before … after a $57,000 Commission transaction that could not have happened otherwise … then I was. Believe me!”

- Vita Schneider, Associate Re/Max Realtors, Thousand Oaks, CA


“I am – as are all of our agents – absolutely thrilled with the immediate positive results and over $800,000 in additional commission income this program has brought us since we began using it.”

- Bruce Barretta, Owner Suburban Realty, Palmdale, CA


“This [concept] has allowed us to close large numbers of transactions which would have been lost to foreclosure or lease arrangements. We truly think PACTrust™is the ‘future’ of Real Estate.”

- Bob Edwards, Bkr/Owner/CPA ERA Edwards, Oxnard, CA

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