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Meet Chris Johnson “The Grant Funding Expert”

grant-funding-expert-chris-johnson-standing500GRANT MONEY WITHOUT COSTS AND WITH YOUR NAME ON IT…NOW!



Though it’s not widely known or publicized, it is a fact that every year BILLIONS of Dollars are earmarked to be given away by the Federal Government and scores of Private Foundations.

It’s time now to Discover How You Can Get Your Share!”


‘Sound too good to be true?  Well, the fact is that thousands of government agencies and foundations are required (mandated) to give away money every day. As you read this, be aware that other people just like yourself are currently receiving millions in grants, loans, subsidies, and more…’simply because they asked an expert like Chris how to do it.

Most people never apply for this FREE GRANT MONEY because they assume they won’t qualify, they think it’s a hassle to get it, or they simply don’t even know how to try.

The fact is that people just like you receive FREE GRANT MONEY and many other benefits from the government or private foundations every single day…’and you can (and should) too!

For ANY BUSINESS OWNER or ENTREPRENEUR there is funding available at this very moment to start a business, expand a business, hire new employees, buy new equipment, buy new vehicles, ‘develop new products and fund new research, plus countless other opportunities.

If you want an EDUCATION for yourself, for your employees, for a child or grandchild, there are thousands of scholarships, awards, and bursaries (grants) at your access for attending college, university, or trade school. In addition, there are thousands of private foundations and other benefactor organizations that also make funds available for such purposes.

If you’re a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, there is funding available for down payments on houses, money to invest in multi-family buildings, cash for closing costs, for renovation, for upgrading existing properties, for paying your mortgage and even for assisting your tenants in paying you,

In fact, there are many grants, subsidies, zero interest loans, low interest loans, and even loans that you don’t have to ever repay.

Chris Johson’s Bio

Known as The Grant Funding Expert, Chris Johnson is the most sought after educator in the field of government grants and private funding sources within the United States and Canada.

Chris has taught thousands of people in many countries, how they can receive grants, subsidies, tax rebates and low or no interest loans available from various governments all over the world.

The continuous stream of client testimonials that flood into his office speaks one thing with certainty: “Chris Johnson knows how to get free money and he has a time-worn and well-proven system… that WORKS!”

Using Chris’ easy-to-use system, many of his students are now very happy recipients of grants, loans and subsidies in various areas: Business, Education and Real Estate Investing.

This Government money has been around for decades. Yet, not everyone has heard about it or even knows that it’s available.

The question:  Why is that?

While the government authorities have been diligent in allocating money to millions of American, and continually making such funds available to qualified people, they don’t advertise the fact or even publicly announce these fantastic programs, leaving the majority of the population wholly unaware of the money sitting right beneath their noses.

Chris has spent many years along with his dedicated team of professionals, diligently researching which programs are available today; ‘from which government  offices, and organizations.  Chris spends his working hours helping scores of his clients to access this funding.  In other words, Chris knows exactly WHAT programs are available in your area and HOW to successfully apply for them.

Having this knowledge and government funding acumen is what makes Chris Johnson the most sought-after educator on this subject on the American Continent. He is regularly called on by the world’s true financial heavyweights to share his wisdom.

Chris has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Al Gore, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Suze Orman, Rudy Giuliani and many other top financial and business experts.

Humble beginnings… 

Early in his career, Chris gained valuable experience as a successful restaurant and hotel manager. It was during his climb up the corporate ladder that caught the entrepreneurial spirit and decided to extricate himself from the “rat race,” and pursue his entrepreneurial dream of owning and operating his own business…opening and running a very successful high-end, luxury dry-cleaning business for 4 years.

Despite his self-employment and being his own boss after all, Chris still felt trapped in his business…considering the long hours and late nights. He eventually sold the business for a handsome profit, and launched a successful event-planning business.

A turning point…

It was while running his event-planning business, that Chris discovered he enjoyed meeting people from various walks of life, and more importantly, while helping them with their own events, meetings and seminars.   Little did he know that this would be pivotal life altering turning point.

Being able to successfully put together one gigantic corporate event after another is no simple feat.  It didn’t long for his reputation to spread. People quickly recognized his passion and dedication as the business began leaning more and more toward seminar and workshop promotion.

As he continued to plan and coordinate events for several well-known and influential people, the door of opportunity opened even wider for him as he became a highly sought after large group event host and master of ceremonies!

A new passion was born…

It was at this time that Chris began acquiring knowledge on real estate investing and immersing himself wholly in the industry and doing extensive research. He quickly became acutely aware of massive amounts of money available for government grants that were openly being offered to and made available for real estate investors, home owners and entrepreneurs in various walks of life.

Because of his knowledge of these government grant assistance programs, coupled with his unique gift as an educator, Chris began being invited by numerous other educators, corporations, and investment organizations to teach them how to obtain government funding.

As the success stories began circulating, Chris received many thank-you letters, emails and faxes from people telling him how much free money they’d been able to obtain, and even more importantly, how their personal lives and financial situations has improved – all because of the information Chris shared with them.

That’s when Chris had his epiphany (he “A-HA!” moment). He now realized his passion, his one true calling in life: teaching to audiences and sharing his knowledge on government grants and funding.

And the audiences all returned that love! They raved about his boundless energy, his passion, and his gift to inspire them with his teachings…. and most importantly… the fact tht they were using Chris’s strategies and continuing to obtain huge amounts of free Grant money!

They wanted to see more of Chris.  They wanted to learn more from Chris. They couldn’t wait for him to return to their city to teach.

Eager to meet the needs of their audience, conference and seminar organizers started calling Chris regularly to speak at their events. His phone lines were busy with one speaking engagement after another.

Chris was in high demand – everyone loved seeing him and meeting him in person!

And that’s how Chris became…

The Grant Funding Expert we know today

Chris is a believer that his success is measured solely by the success of his students.

Many who use Chris’ program have received tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in free money for their real estate projects, for business launching s or expansions, and for getting their kids educated for free in the finest colleges and universities.

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