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Find Motivated Sellers Now!

As the “inventory spiral” has real estate investors scrambling around to figure out what to do about acquisition, Kent Clothier, and Team, once again bring cutting edge innovation to the forefront, delivering that competitive advantage that real estate investors are seeking.

(Newswire.net –  June 7, 2013) Lajolla, Ca – As the playing field of real estate investment has shifted in 2013, the “inventory spiral” has real estate investors all over the place scratching their heads and wondering what the heck they are going to do about acquisition. Kent Clothier has long been known for his keen ability to recognize changes on the playing field, pinpoint the challenges that are being presented with any given market, and zero in on the competitive advantages needed to circumvent them.

With his proven track record in the real estate investment game, and a cache of products and systems that are widely known for their efficacy, Clothier has become a highly respected and sought after coach, and mentor, in the real estate investment field.  So, when Chris Richter proffered the $15,000 coaching fee for a bit of Clothier’s time, Kent Clothier had no idea what he was in for.

Richter, a real estate wholesaler with an engineering background, had done pretty well in the real estate wholesaling business until, like so many others, he lost everything in 2008. With a family to support, Richter knew he had to do something. Desperate to turn things around, he went into his “cave” and started doing research, knowing there had to be something he was missing that would help him get his real estate investment business back on track.

After countless hours of compiling and crunching dozens of data points per property, he started to see a trend. When he found that trend, he knew he had a model that would give him that competitive advantage he needed to get rolling again. Richter had found a way to systematically find, and purchase, vacant properties, before anyone else knew about them. He started using his system, and it worked spectacularly. The only problem was, he didn’t know how to automate it. Everything he was doing, he was doing manually.

“The kid spent $15,000, just so he could ‘pitch me’ on a great idea he had. We ended up in our own version of “SharkTank”. – Kent Clothier

Richter approached Clothier about coaching him on his real estate investment business. Joining Clothier at his house in La Jolla, California, Richter shared with Clothier what he had been doing. Clothier was blown away.

Turning in astonishment from the meal he was preparing, he asked, “You seriously have that information”?

Richter had cracked the code on how to find hidden deals. “I couldn’t believe it”, Clothier said, “he had figured out what we had never been able to figure out.  He had found the patterns. Suddenly I had become the student, and the student had become the teacher”.

Putting their heads together to analyze the logistics, Clothier, “the system king”, and Richter, with his formulas, decided to leverage each other’s resources and Find Motivated Sellers Now was born.

Find Motivated Sellers Now is a fully automated system that allows users to easily find, and purchase, vacant properties before anyone else knows they exist; all that, with just the click of a mouse. As if that weren’t enough, it also teaches real estate investors how to deal with motivated sellers who are sometimes wary after years of a market in crises.

In today’s crazy real estate market, where there are actually bidding wars and lotteries for making offers on properties, Clothier has done it once again; he has created, and made available to the real estate investment community, that oft-times illusive competitive edge.

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