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Quick Start Success Pack
  • The Book Making it BIG and Keeping It…This Time (‘contains sample, forms, advertising ideas, telephone scripts, tips on getting your business set and started, most effective goal-setting parameters
  • The Book, A Fortune in Free Real Estate (the how-to-primer for Realtors®, buyers, sellers , investors and mortgage professionals, re. the Equity Holding Trust Transfer™ System
  • The Book, No Down, No New Loan (“Life with a Land Trust”)!
  • Full Audio Recording of a Typical Two-Day EHTrust™ Weekend Workshop
  • Various Recorded Radio and TV Talk Show Interviews across the US re. the various strategic applications of the ODWM EHTrust™
  • Table-Top Paper Flip-Chart and Recorded AV Client-Product Presentation Kit
  • The EHTrust™ Documentation Manual with Sample EHTrust™ and Land Trust Forms (‘not sold separately)
  • Free Attendance and ODWM Live Workshops and Boot Camps (Not Applicable When We Are Merely A Guest Speaker at Another Company’s Event.
  • Weekly Webinar & Teleconferencing Training (Ea. Sat. @ 9:00 AM PST)
  • All promotional materials (sample letters, call dialogues, door hangers, flyers, poster suggestions, radio and TV ad suggestions, etc.
  • Six-Months One-on-One Tele-Coaching and Private Mentoring
  • Six-Months Client Consulting Assistance (i.e., We Conference with You and Your Client In Order to Help You Close the “Sale”… at Your Request)
  • Seven Calendar Day Return Policy (minus a common repackaging and restocking charge) 
Price: $997.00
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