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Making it Big and Keeping It…This Time! By Bill J. Gatten

Making it Big Book

The 350 Page Mini-EHTrust™ Training Manual with Accompanying Fast-Reference Look-Up Disc (No Audio)

This Mini-Course Book Includes Individual Sections on:

Attitudes, Ethics, Needed Business Tools, Definitions, Features and Benefits, Accounting Issues and Laws, Pertinent Legal Cites and Codes, Escrow and Title Process; Dealing with Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Realtors®, Accountants, Attorneys and Mortgage Professionals; Marketing, Buying a Home or Income Property; Selling a Home or Income Property; Working Foreclosures; A Full By-State Index of Land Trust Regulations and Legislation for All US Jurisdictions; Sample Documents and Discussions Concerning Lease Options, Lease Purchases, Equity Shares, Wrap-Around Mortgages; Contracts for Deed.  [Note: The book is currently undergoing revision and though currently avail in the original form, it will be provided without charge to those who have purchased it, the full Quick-Start Success Pack or to any current Network Member who would personally request same)

Price: $227.00
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