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A Fortune in Free Real Estate

A Fortune stands to be made via the incredible Open Door Wealth Management, Equity Holding Trust Transfer System™ (The EHTrust™).  This system which incorporates a simple title-holding 3rd party trustee and multiple director-beneficiaries, provides Realtors®, investors, home buyers and home sellers alike, a unique and wholly legal approach to seller-assisted ownership transfer (i.e., “creative real estate disposition and acquisition”)—entirely ‘without the risks so often associated with so-called seller assisted financing.  I.e., such downsides as, say, due on sale clause violations, running afoul of 2014 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Legislation (re. otherwise currently prohibited Seller-Financing of real estate), or inability to pass all home ownership benefits to a tenant buyer.

The Top Selling Book, A Fortune in Free Real Estate, is comprehensive and logically designed for the consumer and the profession alike relative to using the EHTrust Transfer™ for purposes of seller-carry buying, selling, investing in, or brokering of, real estate by way of an honest, safe, legitimate tried-and- transfer method for ownership benefits…’wholly without the necessity of a new mortgage or standard title transfer.

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