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ODWM Member Marketing Affiliate

First Level benefits of the ODWM National Marketing- Affiliate program include those described under the National Networking and Training Membership: however, for those who would wish to be directly involved in marketing ODWM’s products and services…’one may do so by contract, and for a continuing monthly payment to ODWM of $49.97 p/mo. (‘credit card only) for a minimum term of 36 mos., following which the affiliation shall continue at the same rate until terminated by affiliate, or by ODWM for cause.

Affiliate Member profit-sharing calculations are based upon a ratio which is THE HIGHER OF 55:45% split (favoring ODWM) of the gross sale, or a 50:50% split of the net profit in the sale of any product or service (i.e., ‘whichever would be most favorable to the ODWM Marketing Affiliate.

The ODWM Marketing Affiliate is provided with his/her own private replicated ODWM Website to use for all marketing purposes under his/her own name and website address, along with free weekly Affiliate Member Webinar training sessions (Ea. Thurs. 5:00 PM PST…all sessions recorded for later playback.

The price: $2,247 and $49.97 per/month 36 Mos. Min.

Current Network Members who are fully paid and in good standing who would choose to market ODWM Products and services need pay only the monthly fee of $49.97 (‘may be cancelled after 36 months)

Many thousands of like-minded US investors, Realtors, mortgage professionals, attorneys and financial planners across the country will openly state that their financial success, security and lifestyles are largely attributable to ‘The Network’ and our exceptional training [*See our Testimonials Page].

Please visit our “Benefits Page” for more detailed information.

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