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wholesaling REO’s using a land trust

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    dave salcido

    For the purposes of explanation, I did in fact remove a recent post regarding a reaction to REAP, but only because I did not want to stir a pot more than it had already been stirred. And I felt that my comments would be misrepresented or taken in the wrong light. By the way Jerry, I meant what I said about you and your proficiencies. You have a rising star in my estimation.

    I would prefer not to make any specific references in this thread to REAP. It would take more than a while to explain what it is and what it isn’t. I also want to avoid the very appearance of evil advertising. Those that want to know more are welcome to email Scott or me. Suffice it to say that REAP is to NARS what Microsoft Office is to Windows. It is a robust application within a terrific operating system, that system of course being NARS. You don’t need REAP for NARS transactions but we all need NARS in order to take advantage of REAP. Independent, successful NARS members may never see a need for the application. Others may.

    (All NARS members should avail themselves to all of the great coaching assistance found within the NARS membership. If anyone in this forum truly wants to succeed, don’t expect it to happen without a NARS membership or at very least a Quick Start Success Pack. In my humble opinion.) :)

    Avatar of jerry carey
    jerry carey

    Dave and Scott:

    I took what you said in the deleted posting as a compliment and certainly what you said above as one too!

    I hope you saw my previous post about R.E.A.P. which I’ll quote myself here:

    Scott Moyes & Dave Salcido:

    I read a response to my posting above last night composed by David. I wanted to wait until this morning to respond to it … but, puff it’s gone … deleted into cyberspace! By the way, I took no offense to what was said and in fact thought it was complimentary.

    Let me clear up something right now. I do not want to seem critical of your REAP program! In fact quite the opposite! I highly commend both of you for putting this program together and believe it will be a great success! It’s also long past due. I wish your program was in existance 2-3 years ago when I first discovered in the NARS program! Although I am a veteran investor of over 30 years … I can still see myself possibly using your service. I am not a NARS program veteran! While I have spent much time learning the concepts, legalities, and presentations of the program … I still have not done one NARS deal! This is possibly because I am not still 100% sure of how to put all the facets of a NARS transaction in the proper sequence to make it work. I realize that “Knowing” and “Doing” are two different things!

    All that I and many others want to know is exactly what you (REAP) can do for us and what it will cost. Scott has teased us with bits and pieces of the program since last March. Also it was posted that you (REAP) were holding a one-day seminar around the middle of this month to launch REAP. Not all of us, including myself, can attend this seminar in Utah, so I hope that you can at least answer my before mentioned questions here with a descriptive posting!

    Best of Luck with your new Venture!

    With sincere gratitude for your past and future help!

    Jerry Carey

    Believe me when I say … I am not yor enemy :!:
    I wish you guys only the BEST :!:

    Jerry Carey

    Avatar of dave salcido
    dave salcido

    Thanks Jerry. We never considered any hostility from your post. Your comments are always constructive and thought provoking. Scott and I felt a need to introduce REAP for the potential benefit of any NARS member seeking a little extra help, not just for our purposes. We noticed that some on the board had mentioned experiencing some frustration at not closing more transactions. We did not want to sit idly by as mere spectators. We wanted to do something about it. We hope REAP can make a contribution toward the success of all active NARS members. We encourage and applaud the implementation of any innovative tools, programs or strategies that may increase the rate of successful closings. Success for one is success for all and adds even more credibility to the word that we are trying to spread nationwide about how valuable the EHT can be, especially in these economic times.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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