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What’s on Your Business Card?

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    Would any NARS or OCS members be willing to tell or show what they have on their business cards? Would like to see samples of what you are using and/or suggestions for a great business getting card. As soon as I can figure out how, I will post copies of the one I currently am using. Would appreciate any comments, suggestions, examples of what any of you consider a great card. Or on the converse, if you do not use a card, would you advise as to why? Thanks for your help!

    Avatar of scott_l._moyes

    I have a couple angles on “business cards”.

    1. I don’t use them, at least not with or for Sellers and Buyers/Residents. Why? Because I don’t want them thinking I’m a Realtor or Pro-Investor. I am an individual, not an LLC or entity. Sure, when we do the final docs my LLC may be a beneficiary, but in the meantime, they deal with me as an individual on their level. Everything they need to know about me or what I’m proposing is “in my offer”.

    2. I use business size cards as handouts. When I get a property under contract via an NEO, I make up a card for that property with all details of it and it’s payments and place them on bill boards, cars, doors, etc. I may attach it to a hand out or flier too. I order 250 cards for free from Vista Print and make sure I hand all 250 out within a week or two.

    3. I do have a card I hand out to other Investors, Realtors and Lenders but not Sellers or Buyers. I use both front and back and on the back it describes the features and benefits of using the NARS EHTrust Transfer. The front has my picture and contact info of course.

    I’ll see what I can do to post a sample, perhaps on my website (TheSmartREI.com)

    Avatar of scott_l._moyes

    If you really want to make up some cards, I would just use your elevator speech on them. All your contact and speech should fit on the front.


    My Picture at the top left or right then…

    Scott Moyes
    The Full Price Offer Guy!

    “I buy houses from people who can’t sell them and I sell houses to people who can’t qualify for them”

    801-738-2859 scott@scottmoyes.com

    IOW, Keep it simple!

    The thing about business cards is that you are supposed to HAND THEM OUT. That means a face-to-face contact. While handing them out you should introduce yourself, hand them your card while saying your elevator speech followed by… “do you know anyone like that”? You will be surprised how many referrals you get if you just ask.

    Avatar of jehutch

    Thanks Scott & Dave! I will use your ideas and order some new cards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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