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Utah Auction Source Failure

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    @homesavers wrote:

    @tmynar wrote:
    The race is ON!

    Nope. No race. Just money making without competition or strife.

    Don, here’s the deal…we are all on this discussion group for one reason…to learn. And we want to learn from teachers…not from the other students. This site is designed to be an educational tool…not a social bulletin board or mud-slinging backboard.

    My feeling is that when someone has been in the trenches and done as many transactions as have Scott and Dave, and show a bent for leadership, then they are qualified to be teachers. If there is a problem with the lesson or the lesson plan, then they are to be criticized…but only if the problem persists AFTER reporting it.

    As far as your contacting the auction company and getting less than the results your were hoping for…I applaud your saying so. But there is no reason to impugn the advice of Scott and Dave until you’re sure that you’ve discovered a flaw in their standard modus operandi. One screw-up does not constitute ineptitude…if it did, I’d have been back flipping tortillas at Nacho Mama’s* a looong time ago.

    Keep posting Don. You stimulate controversy and that’s good. I’d suggest just trying to be a little more obvious about being on our team when you can, and a little less tutorial w/r to your expertise.


    *Nacho Mama’s = A Barbecued Rib and Taco House combination joint.

    Avatar of homesavers

    You are right. I am not qualified to teach. I appreciate your feedback. I just get a little bit frustrated when I feel I am being used to test things and find deals for other people. I want to learn on this forum. So I will take your advice and leave it to those that have proven themselves with many deals.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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