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Those not building their networks are losing BIG TIME

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    @homesavers wrote:

    We are taking this way far out there. What I am trying to say is what happened to just getting offers signed and buyers, buying? Do we have to build these huge networks and conduct seminars (takes a lot of prep work and planning) Seems like we are creating a hug mountain out of a mole hill. All these Web 2.0 tactics are great and you may see some results after time but I am a firm believer in guerrilla marketing. Do we really need an all out campaign to make 20K a month?

    No you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want. Or, just get people there and we’ll pay for and do the rest for you.

    Here you go questioning the two most successful NARS Members and how they became that way. Is there no end to your, “yeh but”.

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    homesavers, are you familiar with Web 2.0 marketing? If not, write to me offboard and I’ll provide you with a source for free tutoring about how to use the Internet and social networking to build a buyer’s list. That’s the cool thing about the Internet: until “they” tax it, you can use it to build just about anything you want, including a buyer’s list.


    Do you have MLS access ? to Expireds

    Avatar of homesavers

    Okay No more Yeah Buts? I am just going to make offers now. Scott and Dave can close them. I start them you can finish. Thanks for all your help and feedback.

    Alan, yes I have access to the MLS and expireds. I was just talking to David about that today. How do you address these? Post Cards? Phone Calls, Letters or all of the above?

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    @homesavers wrote:

    Well said Scott. I have always fought against building a mass network of people. Why? Because I like to keep things a secret if I think that I will create competitors.

    Being a leader of a network means people will partner with you because of thier lack of knowlege and expirence. 1 in 50 will really compete with you or exchange leads. The other 49 will let you be the specialist they turn to.

    @homesavers wrote:

    If networking is the key and nothing else works then by gosh I need to start “shaking hands” with more people (virtually and on the ground). A difficult proposition to say the least.

    Both methods work, but networking is warm leads especially when they present you as an expert in a specalized field.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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