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This forum is officially DEAD

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This topic contains 5 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by Avatar of mtnwizard mtnwizard 7 years, 9 months ago.

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    No posts since July 15. We used to have 50-100 people on at a time. Those were the good old days. :cry:

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    there is a major healing and revival underway, Dr Gary.

    NARSCOR/Bill G is taking some new directions including building an ancillary service for credit repair/restoration headed by Bret Ehlers who formerly was a OCS trainer until he went off on his own a few years ago.
    Now Bret and Bill are growing a new core group to assist those who need credit repair/restoration in the EHT transactions.
    Sometimes change is for the better and necessary. That includes new opportunities.
    It all is covered on the Sat morning conference call.
    cork horner
    san diego/phoenix

    Avatar of buzzbox

    It has certainly been quiet and is likely a reflection on the economy.

    I don’t agree its dead, but rather in a torpid state of hibernation. I check the site almost daily expecting members to begin waking up and throwing out ideas – Cork throws a rock in the pool from time to time but has barely cause a ripple.

    Let’s see – haven’t home values pretty much bottomed out? They seem to have done so in my neck of the woods. We still have a lot of folks upside down and many still on the way to foreclosure. The current theme or program is to take on these upside down situations and find a way to cash flow them until eventual recovery and price appreciation occurs to bail everyone out.

    What is the method to do this? We find a cooperative homeowner and an RB who can fund all of the required payment etc., if not then have the homeowner pick up the difference. At some point in the future a sale occurs and the slate gets wiped clean.

    Generating Cash up front and or producing a monthly cash flow from these deals is the real challenge and has become much more difficult in the weakened economy – that’s the bottom line in my opinion.

    Avatar of buzzbox

    Hey Cork,

    I listened in on Saturday and gained some insight. Things appear to be picking up at the “Gatten Werks”.

    In addition to the credit fixing program which appears to be just leaving the launch pad, Bill reminded us to look at and consider:
    - Apartments into a condominiumized landtrust arrangement.
    - Higher end homes into a time share also via the landtrust.

    We all should stay open minded – not everything works out the way it’s planned, but enough does, to make sense and money. These are unconventional times and we have to keep thinking outside the envelope.

    Avatar of corkhorner

    Dave, in my view it is not a reasonable conclusion to believe NARS is dead and Bill Gatten isn’t either.

    We all make mistakes of various proportions and situations and recovery takes many paths—as it is within NARS.

    Bill G spent millions in building ‘the network’ although it has the appearance of being dead. It isn’t, just recovering.

    As to how to structure transactions even Bill G has suggested use whatever works for all parties. There are a multitude of ways to structure transactions over and above cash.

    As to condominiumizing selected properties using EHT that is just another avenue.

    The main objective lies in identifying and negotiating with motivated sellers. All sellers are not motivated to engage creative solutions.

    For those finding cash deals at big discounts build a investor pool and structure a LLC or corp that fits the case.

    All of life is risk especially real estate. Don’t sweat it.

    Or, don’t sweat the small things…

    Staying healthy is the main challenge. Without that all the money in the world is useless.

    All real estate cycles roughly every ten years go thru change and recovery. In my view, don’t buy all the eggs in one basket.

    I have had many disappointments and made decisions that could have worked better. So what. Who hasn’t.

    Due diligence rules the day.

    Dave as to NARS bringing on Financial Education Services [FES] under the brilliant guidance of former OCS trainer Bret Ehlers that is a new avenue and totally related to the overall NARS methodology relating to Resident Beneficiaries who will need credit repair and restoration.
    Plus those who want ancillary income can become FES agents as I am with Bret Ehlers. This avenue will grow in major proportions in numbers and profits for those NARS members and Non Members who come on board for the personal benefits plus network income as agents. It is a work in process. FES has a A+ BBB rating. All money is collected and distributed by the company back to those agents who perform the work.

    I am in the metro area of Phoenix which is leading the recovery nationally with a long way to go. ‘Big Money’ is chasing the recovery in many cities.
    Everybody is not ‘broke’….it just appears that way with some.
    Change is underway in many ways nationally and globally. Let your vote be heard!

    cork horner

    Avatar of mtnwizard

    This forum is still dead — months later. I have a way Bill can bring it back to its old stature and generate some real excitement on this board but that message is for Bill only. I’ve sent it to him and am awaiting his reply…

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    clandestine rules the day?

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