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State Attys working on IMMUNITY for bank fraud.

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    Nice contribution Amy, Thank You!

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    In all humility…don’t you think this is all just and fair?

    I mean after all why shouldn’t we just get over it all and let the whole thing go away instead of being so anal about it?

    Afterall, they’re probably a bunch of nice guys and really-really sorry about all the Americans they’ve had to put out of their homes and on the street. You should have some pity for these poor souls…they’re just bankers after all.

    The bankrooks (oops I meant decoratsters), like those mentioned in the article, didn’t really mean to harm or dispossess anyone, much less bankrupt the economy. Their intentions were good…they merely needed to provide nice homes and livable incomes for thier multi-million-dollar per-year employees and representatives. You don’t find that kind of quality people just everywhere.

    The mortgage industry sorely needs a means to collect billions upon billions…OK “trillions” from the rest of us in order to survive. They can’t help needing to turn around and make us pay them another few trillion to make up for what they accidentally did to us. It’s our civic duty to maintain our banks…or else we could find ourselvess without homes.

    It’s like this: You invite a nicely dressed group of home-decorators into your home and they instantly see your design flaws…its obvious to them, the professionals, that you would be a lot better feng-shui’d without so much clutter in the various rooms of your home. So…they charge you for their advice and services, of course: i.e., for removing all of your furniture and valuables so you can have a more beautiful and much more airy home.

    They then sell all of your stuff to a guy in Moophertovia who pays them far more than your stuff is worth (that’s just good business) …but you are comforted in knowing that they did OK in the process. They then give you 80% of the true value of your stuff while keeping the Moophertovia profits for themselves with the proviso that you have the entire 80% back to them, plus interest over the next 30 years (nearly 3 times the amount the “loaned” you.

    But now that your home is devoid of all the mish-mosh, you discover that it’s only worth half of the 80% of the proceeds that your got. And since this has happened so many times across the country, your employer who got screwed the same way you did, by the same people, has to lay you off.

    Without a job and the impossibility of finding one you can no longer pay the decorators their monthly “protection fees,” so they kick you out of your home onto the street and sell it to someone else and keep the money.

    So now the government steps in and says to them: “That was a slick move, decorator guys, so how would you like to have all those little people that you’ve put on the street give you, oh say, $800 billion dollars from the income that they are no longer collecting because of what you (accidentally) did to them?”

    The decorators replie: “Oh goodie…that’s very cool! Thanks governemt.”

    So now that we have all this money, let’s pay you (the government), say q percent 10% of that 800 billion as protection from all those crazy homeless people who want so badly to harm us by demanding ther rights to restitution…just because they think its our fault that we had to steal from them…? And did they ever thank us for those boom times we created for them in the first part of this decade? Hell no! The ungrateful bastards!”

    Sigh… So, Amy, don’t be so hard on these poor billionaire flurm munchers…they meant well. Sometimes we just have to own up to the misdeeds that we outselves wreak upon ourselves by presuming that our trusted officials and the financial instutitons that we’ve built give a fidder’s **** about integrity…much less honesty and legality.


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    Well…when you put it that way…


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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