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Sellers Lawyer response

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    Get Smart,

    Like Mr. Moyes said, Gary will “test your metal.”

    There are times when some fake folks come on the board, to take everybody for a ride, and Gary’s “put up or shut up” approach can reveal them, for all to see.

    Mr. Wizard happens to be a VERY VALUABLE and gifted friend to Land Trusts and, as many of us are, advisedly sold out and devoted to Bill Gatten and his life work and Brain Child, the EHTrust.

    Welcome, and may your kind increase.

    And watch and see if he doesn’t correct my spelling ! :roll:

    Thanks, Alan

    P.S. Gary, who did you vote for, in ’64 ?

    John or Paul ?

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    I thank everyone for your kind words. I kind of figured wiz meant well because he still added some valuable information. I hope one day i can contribute like everyone else, because this is an informative site for serious people looking to stay above the law.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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