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    More because I tend to get the same responses when I ask simple questions, namely to use the search function, I have a few questions since I must not be doing it right.

    For example, I have been looking for topics on free and clear or paid off properties. I find posts alluding to the existence of such posts but whenever I type “free and clear property” or “paid off properties” I end up getting every topic or post on every subject from the newest to the oldest. To say this is frustrating is putting it mildly. My question: is there a better way to narrow the search down to a specific topic?

    I also see you can search back up to a year. How can I locate posts over a year old?

    Some of the advice given in members’ answers often is to see Bill’s posts. Since Bill has soooo many posts, is there an easier way to narrow the search when you know the author?

    And on a different subject, are you planning a members only section? I have seen some discussion on this but not lately.



    I want to thank you for not answering my question. This and the lack of return calls from one of Bill’s trusted associates tends to make me think all is not well in Gatten land.

    And I really did want to know more details from Bill’s side about that Ohio case………………………………..

    Avatar of joecain

    Hi Rich -

    I appreciate your time and apologize for any perceived lack of attention in your direction regarding your request for assistance. Your post regarding how to Search this Board for Key Words, Topics and Authors has been asked and answered several times over the years, including in a NARS Newsletter article referenced by a link in the Documentation Section of this Board under the title “Search and Rescue”.

    My experience of working with and Searching thousands of internet website Discussion Boards, not to mention Search Engines like google, yahoo, etc. is that a bit of experimentation is needed in order to receive the responses you are searching for.

    There is no real secret or better way to Search of which I am aware.

    Simply refine your Search by adding additional words into the query or by experimenting with various combinations of words until you receive the desired result.

    As for the Ohio case, please contact Steve Perez at the NARS Office via his email address steve@landtrust.net and he can give you any info you might need on this nearly five year-old case.

    As for a Members-only section of the Discussion Board, as has been spoken of in other posts, that is still in discussion and development. It does not yet exist.


    thanks Joe,

    I did read the article referenced concerning the search function you mentioned, being a computer idiot it did not help much. I have tried adding different words in the search but they still must be too vague since every search regardless of the topic tends to bring up all the most recent posts, whether related to the searched topic or not. I’ll keep struggling away with it.

    I’ll attempt to reach Steve Perez again, I have only managed to talk to him live twice in multiple attempts and he seldom responds to emails, whether due to some fault on my end or not, I do not know.

    I have seen several mentions of archived conference calls, but cannot locate them either, any help is appreciated.

    Again, thanks for your timely reply.


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    I’d like to find the archived conference calls too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Jane Diehm

    Avatar of blackpuma

    @Just call me; RICH!! wrote:

    is there a better way to narrow the search down to a specific topic?

    As Joe said, searching is a learned art.

    That being said, you can use Google to search only one site. You do this by including “site:” followed by the name of the site. For example, to search for board posts that talk about free and clear properties, go to Google and type:

    free clear property site:landtrust.net

    I get 259 hits.


    Thanks James,

    That’s a good tip, I’ll give it a try!!


    Avatar of joecain

    Thanks James.

    I didn’t know about that one. That’s a cool trick.

    Meanwhile, I have been in contact with our IT Department about adding the more recent tele-mentoring calls up to the website in the Members-only Section and this will be done in the near future.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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