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SB Asks About Trustee

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    Our potential SBs want to check out the Trustee, Equity Holding Corp.
    We give them the website.
    The website is excellent; except for the category called “Upcoming Events.”
    That links to the NARS website, and its easy to get to the discussion board.
    The discussion board is overwhelming.

    Would it be possible to delete the “Upcoming Events” from Equity Holding Corp.’s website?
    And from Equity Management Service’s website?

    The link to NARS is still there – in the Trusted Partners area.

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    Don’t send them to the EHC website. You should have a brochure called… “Who is the Trustee”. If not, ask someone at the Home Office to send you some.

    Avatar of bobc

    SBs to whom we speak want to investigate who the Trustee is, if they are open to transferring title to him/it.

    The brochure, like the website, is also excellent, but has the same problem: it gives the website; the website has a VERY VISIBLE link to “Upcoming Events.”
    That has scared away some interested SBs.
    More discretion would be helpful to the Trestee’s credibility and our credibilityas we approach SBs.

    What is the reasoning behind the “Upcoming Events” VISIBLE link on the Trustee’s website?

    Avatar of rick


    Have the SB go to http://www.penscotrust.com

    Press the Education link on the left
    Press the resources tab on the top
    Press the web and audio conference archive link
    Type in name and email and hit subscribe now
    Scroll down to:

    August 6, 2008
    July 2, 2008

    Have them listen to the audio.

    If that doesn’t sell them, tell them they don’t qualify. NEXT

    Avatar of mtnwizard49

    You can also use my recommendation page:


    Avatar of bobc

    Thank you for the links to PENSCO and Mountain Wizard’s website.

    However, the Equity Holding Corp. brochure and websites are sophistocated & excellent marketing materials if only they didn’t link to “Upcoming Events.”

    Some people to whom we’ve spoken have googled Equity Holding Corp., and, of course, the website comes up. It is likely that people in this tech world would google it in addition to the links to PENSCO and the info on Mountain Wizard’s website.

    It comes back to the “Upcoming Events” link that detracts from credibility. Could it be taken off?
    The NARS link is discreet in the Trusted Partners area.

    Avatar of mtnwizard49

    That link does not detract from credibility. This is the site of a Land Trust Trustee. The NARS site is the source of the great majority of the trusts they protect. What is the problem with listing NARS seminars and educational opportunities under Current Events?

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    I would guess Tom Standen SR would do telecon with Doubting Thomas’s?
    Then, IF seller/buyer ain’t happy, ‘get outa my face’ to em.

    Tom Standen could sell ice cubes to Eska-Moes. Ok Tom, can I ride your BMR now?

    c h

    Avatar of joecain

    Hi Bob -

    I appreciate the stated original intent of your post in this string. I get that you had a seller ask for info about Equity Holding Corp., the corporate entity that you are suggesting they transfer the title of their property to. That is a fair request that does occur periodically. So, you sent them to the website at http://www.equityholding.org and you or they, or both, poked around and checked out the professionally presented and organized content and all the great info available on the site that relates to EHC as Trustee for Land Trusts.

    It should not be difficult to understand the concept that the Company that Bill Gatten and the rest of us would steer people toward to use as the Trustee of the Land Trusts that NARS goes around the Country to do Educational Seminars and then generate the Trust Docs to put these transactions together would naturally have lots of information on their website about NARS and Bill Gatten and this website.

    I went to EHC’s website myself this morning after reading this string of posts in order to see what you were seeing. I found a good looking site with lots of information about who they are and what it is that they do. Nearly every page mentions NARS, the equity holding title transfer transaction known as the NARS Land Trust, Bill Gatten himself, or the NARS website. I even located the Upcoming Events page you mention. From looking there, I can guess that EHC has no current events to promote for themselves or steer you to attend, so they have posted info about NARS Events. Personally, I see that as a positive thing.

    Bob, I can tell you from my literally thousands of hours over the last few years spent searching a wide range of topics and surfing the web in order to find them, that links to other Companies, Events and People is the very life-blood of the world wide web. The internet is often little more than a wide ranging referral service. Think of it as the good old yellow pages on steroids, complete with more information (sometimes even stuff that is useful or beneficial), than ever previously dreamed of in the History of Mankind.

    That you are on the NARS website for the last couple of days, apparently complaining about content on somebody else’s website that we do business with, all over a link back to our very same NARS website occurs for me as more than a bit ironic. An analogous situation might be going to the website for good old Walmart and writing a post there complaining that you sent one of your candy vendors to the website for the chocolate giant Nestle, where they discovered a link back to Walmart, which seemed to cause confusion in the mind of your vendor over the literally millions of products available at Walmart. Oh, and then you asked Walmart to edit the content on Nestle’s website.

    Look, if you have a general complaint about the content or links that you find on a website, I would suggest that you consider the possibility of being direct and contact Equity Holding Corp. about your specific complaint. Posting it here on the NARS website really does not affect any change. Contacting EHC may not generate a change in their site content either, but at least you could create the possibility of change just by being direct.

    All my best to you and your wife. Contact me as you move forward. Glad to assist you, as always.

    For those who would like to see to what Bob refers, I have copied and pasted here the content on the Upcoming Events page at EHC’s website:

    North American Realty Services Seminars
    For additional Information and Registration: Go to http://www.landtrust.net

    Bill Gatten Workshops on Land Trust 2.5 day Training
    Time: Friday: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm; Saturday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm; Sunday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Call Lori 1-800-207-4273 (Ext 0)

    Every Saturday

    Weekly Telementoring Sessions
    Description: The weekly Telementoring Sessions happen every Saturday morning (except on national holidays) for Network Members and Quick Start Success Pack owners. The session recordings are posted in the Network Members Only section of our website every week.
    Time: 9 AM Pacific Time 10 AM Mountain Time 11 AM Central Time 12 PM Eastern Time

    You may go to http://www.landtrust.net for more information

    More to come thru out the year

    2.5 Day and 3 Day Workshops
    You may go to http://www.landtrust.net for more information

    Avatar of bobc


    Thank you.

    I think that Land Trusts is definitely far better than any other real estate program that we’ve encountered (and we have encountered many).
    We are happy to be NARS members.

    There are so many not-so-good real estate programs and seminars. Anyone only just a little bit sophistocated in real estate would have heard about or sat in on some of them. These days sellers are getting more & more sophistocated.

    My concern is that a potential SB would see the Upcoming Events on the Trustee’s website and confuse NARS with the not-so-good ones. The Trustee’s site mentioning NARS as a trusted partner or in some of the other pages is more discreet. I’ll email the Trustee, as you suggested.

    Could access to the Discussion Board be limited to members/Success Pack purchasers/seminar attendees? It is confusing to people (potential SBs & RBs) who find it & haven’t been to a seminar.

    Avatar of mtnwizard49


    My concern is that a potential SB would see the Upcoming Events on the Trustee’s website and confuse NARS with the not-so-good ones. The Trustee’s site mentioning NARS as a trusted partner or in some of the other pages is more discreet. I’ll email the Trustee, as you suggested.

    Could access to the Discussion Board be limited to members/Success Pack purchasers/seminar attendees? It is confusing to people (potential SBs & RBs) who find it & haven’t been to a seminar.

    With all due respect, as a new member I would think you would be far more accepting of the fact that NARS and EHC have successfully worked together for decades and appreciate the effort and planning that association has taken.

    When I read your suggestion about limiting access to members, the first thought that ran through my mind was, “Who the hell does this guy think he is?” If the potential sellers with whom you are working are so confused by the Discussion Board, you have a problem that has nothing to do with NARS.

    Many of us have been members of this Discussion Board for over a decade and it has actually run very smoothly. My recommendation is to not enter our living room and tell us where to place the furniture. It works well for us.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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