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‘Rescuers’ who are rascals

Home Forums General EHTrust/EHT Topics and Creative Real Estate Financing ‘Rescuers’ who are rascals

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    It seems the bad apples are becoming more active as they seek to part unsuspecting sellers from their equity. Grrrrrr! May they tumble shirtless into a dense, thriving sprawl of poison oak (that stuff is nasty!).


    ‘Rescuers’ who are rascals
    Foreclosure scammers prey on homeowners’ misfortune
    By Andrea Coombes, MarketWatch
    Last Update: 9:00 PM ET June 2, 2005

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — For homeowners facing foreclosure, there’s nothing like the relief of a knock at the door from a friendly face promising to help.

    But anecdotal evidence suggests an increasing number of those faces are anything but friendly, and more homeowners are paying steep fees for no help at all, or in the worst cases, losing their homes entirely.

    Go to full article

    Be peaceful,

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    Excellent Post Mark!

    Good to see you on the board, it’s been a while.

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    I tried to find the article but could not after I signed on the marketwatch oh well!! I will keep looking.
    It is just this type of unethical behavior these con artists revel in that make what we do so much more needed in this marketplace.
    I read a lot of posts on other investing websites like subject to investing and others and most of them say why do we need a land trust and all they really talk about is the DOS clause and that it is no big deal to get called on a loan, but if they knew the tier level benefits of the EHT trust I think that would change a few minds but you can edcuate so many people.
    I wish these anti- trust people would learn more and do their due dilligence research before making incorrect assertions regarding land trusts.

    I can not wait for the Jun 24 seminar in Las Vegas does anybody know where it will be hosted..??
    Thanks to all for the educational posts I have learned quite a bit and when I get my deal going I will have plenty of questions for you gents. Iam hoping to become a NARS member at the seminar…
    Good investing to all…

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    You will get plenty of support on this board, especially from people like: Bill, Jim, Scott, Shawn (bigdaddy), Peter and on and on … One thing about the investors that post on this board, unlike other boards, is you won’t find someone insinuating the question being asked is stupid or whatever … everyone on this board actually wants to help each other … also there is little or no negativity on this board.

    Oh, call NARS and speak to Gail, she may be able to tell you where the workshop will be.


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    Thanks for your reply and I will look to do that or check the website for the workshop.
    I feel i know you guys already and I agree since I have been on numerous R/E boards and it is true that there are some negative attitudes encountered there.
    I notice that all the downsides of creative real estate investng are not reflected in the posts here but you will inevitably notice them on other sites so that alone is one heck of an endorsement for NARS.

    I have a quick question do you guys just assist perspective clients in setting up land trusts and getting fees instead of acquiring beneficial interest.??? I have this client who I want to consult with regarding his properties and he problably does not have any problems making payments etc I was thinking just another way to make money.
    I have one other question if you come across a seller who is reluctant for some reason to enter into a trust even with all the advantages thats been discussed, is it prudent to have the seller assign beneficiary interest to his attorney so he feels even more secure…?? that way he has a buffer so to speak in the deal and I just want to get the members input on that and I would offer that

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    Check this out:

    then review my letter to the butt heads…goes out tomorrow.

    Editor, A National Consumer Law Center Report
    National Consumer Law Center
    77 Summer Street 10th Floor
    Boston, Mass 02110

    Dear Sir/Mme,

    Regarding the article written and published by you in June, 2005 in your so-called Report by the National Consumer Law Center-, we are respectfully requesting either a formal published retraction of the erroneous portions in that report referencing by name myself and our programs (the section purportedly written by Dan Lipton, of the Harvard Law School Predatory Lending/Foreclosure Prevention Clinic, entitled ?Stay Unassociated with the End Result.

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    Go to bed, your keeping me up!

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    As they say…”Ignorance is bliss,” and it appears that some folks (i.e., Mr. Lipton) are ‘bliss…terred’ all over.

    If he would have been paying attention for two and a half days, or if he would have taken the time to read the seminar workbook (which, I’d bet a dollar to a dime that he took with him….along with any CD’s you handed out) he would have walked away a much wealthier man, and I ‘ain’t just talking real estate either…I’d think it fair to say that he might wish he’d have listened to the ‘synchronicity’ session a little bit more clearly, if not the real estate investing.

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