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referral to Utah Attorney

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    I am working with a broker in Utah and he requested a referral to a PactrUST SAAVY Attorney in Utah and none are listed in the brochure.

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    My Partner in Utah is our Attorney. However, you must understand there is no such thing as a “PACTrust” Attorney per se, other that at NARS. I handle all inquiries with regard to NARS and the EHTrust in our office. If there are issues or questions we can’t answer then we would of course get our answers directly from NARS/Bill himself. That is typically not required. Your contacts can talk to our Attorney all they want but he will just defer all question to me.

    To be honest with you, I only know of maybe two or three Attorneys in the country who you could even consider PACTrust Saavy.

    If they need someone to talk to in Utah, let’s set up three way call. I’m sure they have all the same standard questions that most Attorneys and Realtors I talk to.

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    dave salcido

    I feel your pain. I speak with Utah Realtors, brokers and attorneys almost every day of the week. They know little, but I do not mind educating as it almost always directly or indirectly equates to closed transactions. (Yes we do CLOSE!) Now, why does this broker want to speak exclusively to a “savvy” NARS attorney? Are there questions or concerns that you cannot answer yourself or provide resources for them to research?

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    dave salcido

    The point I am trying to make here is this; if you feel inadequate in your ability to answer questions to the satisfaction of any inquirer, whether they be a buyer, seller, real estate agent, attorney, etc., my suggestion would be to temporarily swallow any pride that may exist and partner with the seasoned NARS member with which you feel comfortable. Let these answers come from an experienced veteran; someone who’s answers smoothly flow from their lips. In the process, you can sit back and watch the master at work and hopefully learn while you earn. Then, when you become experienced and ready to fly solo, you too can master the art of explanation and negotiation. Sadly, some feel falsely secure in their abilities to negotiate when in fact they themselves are the very stumbling block in an otherwise doable transaction.



    I do not feel inadequate to explain the process to people. Nor do I have any particular pride to swallow. I am more than happy to have this broker talk with an experienced NARS practitioner rather than an attorney.
    However, I am dealing with a professional Broker who is quite reasonably concerned about doing anything that may risk his license and I respect his wishes to have either a discussion with a broker who has been successfully implimenting this program for sometime or a real estate attorney practising in the state for which he holds his license.

    thank you

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    dave salcido

    It was not my intention to deride your talents in this process. Nor I am not questioning your pride. Forgive me if I came off sounding that way. I understand your desire to meet the wants and needs of those that are looking for answers. I am just asking why your answers did not suffice? Most of their questions should be quickly answered to their satisfaction without getting attorneys involved using the citations we have been given by Bill Gatten years ago. The answers remain the same no matter who we talk to. I usually do two things that I learned from Scott Moyes before bringing in the “experts”:

    1. I send them excerpts from chapters 6, 7, 16, and 17 from the “Big Book” and ask them to read carefully everything I send them.
    2. After they have researched these resources completely, I require them to send me all of their remaining questions in an email.

    I do this because if they are truly serious about knowing the truth and really want to understand, I make them earn it just a little. I have seen in many instances that the “learned” really are not interested. Many merely look for opportunities to stir contention and fight over the phone. This protocol can easily discern between the humble and open minded from the looky loos and rabble rousers. If, after that they still do not understand, then you can call in the big guns; Bill Gatten, Joe Cain, The Standens, Scott Moyes, The Wiz, etc. or you can face the fact that some will never get it and move on to the next potential beneficiary or transaction. No sense trying to place a square peg in a round hole. Once again, my apologies for any misunderstandings, :wink:


    “I am working with a broker in Utah and he requested a referral to a PactrUST SAAVY Attorney in Utah and none are listed in the brochure.

    I think you misunderstand my intentions.You are reading a great deal more into my question than there is intended. It appears, by your answers, that you are assuming that I am a novice investor who is not comfortable explaining this program. Honestly, I just need a referral to an attorney. There are none in Utah mentioned in our pamphlet.

    I know your heart must be in the right place. And I am sure this is how a lot of people feel when they start working with this product. God Bless Bill and friends for being so brilliant as to come up with the PAC/ NEHT Trust which I happen to think is the best thing since sliced bread.. or perhaps the ball point pen.

    With complete respect David, I do not need a lesson on how to explain this to someone. I am a real estate agent with 15 years experience in real estate and mortgages. I have been a property investor for many years and I have worked with credit repair companies While I would not dare to even begin to pretend to know everything. Not by a long shot. I do understand the process, the legal terms, and why, as a licensed Real estate agent, I won’t get sued along with my clients when the lease option hits the fan.

    I am asking for the referral for a collegue who would like to have the comfort that if his license ever becomes challenged, he has an attorney on his side. And while he believes me and he also wants to believe the NEHT or PAC trust is possibly the greatest real estate invention in all of real estate history as we know it! To move forward with me, he just wants a second opinion, some proof that he won’t be throwing away a 30 year career and 400 property managemnt clients on a scheme. This is my suggestion to talk to a professional since his livelyhood is literally on the line. And I think that is more than fair since we Realtors are being targeted for lawsuits right now.. I am from the litigeous state of CA and I am being ultra cautious as well I had an attorney go over everything first and I refer my clients. Nature of the beast. While respect is low for Realtors and Attorneys, ones that get it are very important.

    I want to thank Scott for his generous offer and I will be contacting you to arrange a 3 way call.
    Thanks again

    Avatar of dave salcido
    dave salcido

    I understand your position completely. Thanks Cynthia. Scott and I will help any way we can. We look forward to your call!


    Hi Dave and Scott,
    I have laeft a few messages please get back to me.
    Cynthia Holiday
    408 892-9949

    Avatar of dave salcido
    dave salcido

    Good talking with you Cynthia. We look forward to helping your Utah associates!

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