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    @areyes wrote:

    can Equity Holding Corp execute PAC trusts?

    Well, Yes and No.

    In the old days PAC was the only Trustee. Then came EHC. PAC has been used for all the Simple and Two Tiered EHTrusts and so therefore are referred to as “PACTrusts”.

    EHC has been used for all the Three or More Beneficiary Trusts. They are both EHTrusts.

    Now that it appears as if NARS is no longer using PAC, I would presume that all Trusts are going to go through EHC. I ONLY use EHC and have for some time. PAC dropped the ball on me several years ago.

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    Speaking of Trustees I have had some beneficiaries ask me to act as Trustee. I declined. But I was wondering is there any reason we cannot just set up a 501C3 and act as trustee if needed?

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    EHC (Tom Standen etal) can do 1,2 3,4 and 15 beneficiary Equity Holding Transactions till the cows come home.

    The term PACTrust is copyrighted and trademarked by me (with a patent application on file). PAC Holding has nothing to do with thge system or with formulating, creating or producing the intellectual material that I own that is the “PACTrust” (and for which I am more than ready fight, sue, maim, extinguish and mutilate any one who screws with it…or me.

    In time we will pull folks off that name and go to “Equity Holding Transfer(tm)” exclusively; but for the time-being EHC handles 100% of all of our business and we are desperately trying to get all PAC Holding clients to switch over to EHC (they don’t care…they were duped into buying the company because they though they could have some control proprietary rights to the name of my program–they just got pud-pounded by their own petard…or whatever that saying is). The can use the name PAC Holding, but if they once use the name PACTrust(tm) they are seriousl in the land of Legal Mush.

    Dawn – Please forgive EHC for past dealings. There was a long learning curve for T 1 and T IV, but for every mistake they made, they had 200 perfect transactions (a better record than PAC ever had). Thomas IV has since recieved his Ba and MA degree in business, married, had a child (or assisted in the process anyway) with another on the way and truly is doing a spectacular job.

    Loy – Good luck with trhese bozos. Just get those deed over to Tom as soon as you can.

    Gary, Jim is right…I only wanted you to watch for Spam nothing more.

    Scott, chill out adn check with me before making policy statements.

    Marc D. Cut out the insults and sour graping. We4 love you. Be nice and use some tact once in a while.

    Jim P. - Just thanks…for everything. Especially your friendship and loyalty (and your level head). Should been there weekend…over 400 in attendance.

    Mr. Homesavers: Bad idea. Setting up a trusteeship is a bit more than setting up a 501C company. It take about $50,000 in specialized software and a tremendous amount of legal knowledge along with a staff attorney or two. Would not advise it (the tough part is the gratis collection agency function). Although we would always welcome a new trustee, should someone have the pelotas to sewt one up. I sure don’t.

    Bill Gatten

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    Gary, instead of answering my legitimate question, you delete my post?

    You folks need to take his keys away. This is getting old.

    Bill, when did I insult anyone?

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    What legitimate question? Where? On what topic? Nice try, but I have NEVER deleted ANY of your posts and I’m sure nobody else has either. I recommend that you make a copy of each post so that you have a record of what has SUPPOSEDLY been deleted and the date and time of your post. Have a nice day.


    I have deleted spam on a daily basis and Jeff’s new actions seem to have stopped it. As to anyone else’s posts, I have no interest in deleting them and have never done so. If they want to embarrass themselves, that’s their business. I am only the Spam Killer.

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    Its all in the logs. It is not a mystery.

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    For me, my mortgage holders and my RB’s bad things are again happening with PAC Management (PAC SERvices Group) of Florida.

    I would appreciate comments to me at my e-mail address, gw3840@msn.com, of your good and bad relations with PAC of Florida.
    I wish to keep the details of our problems off the Discussion Board.

    Loy gw3840@msn.com LOVE EAST TEXAS – GODS COUNTRY

    Avatar of bill_gatten

    EHC is our trustee and EMS our collection service. We have no other.

    We are being told on a daily basis that their service is now beyond reproach (despite any errors they may have made in the past).

    EHC and EMS are independently owned, and are not a part of NARS, other than via a loose consulting agreement and our close association re.our client base. To curb a rash of litigation attempts and threats of late by those attempting to draft their own EHT documentation, no longer will EHC accept or process EHT or PAC documents that are not drawn or approved by NARS and its legal advisers.

    To date since 1984 we have completed thousands of transaction without a single legal failure; however, of those transactions facilitated by others on their own (using our documents), a measurable percentage have ended up in court: several with adverse adjudications.

    The reason for these failures is that no matter how experienced our Success Pack holders and Network members think they are, they are never aware of how volatile a land trust transfer can be. Making it an Equitable Mortgage or partnership only takes the changing of a single word or phrase. Likewise the changing of a single word can deprive a settlor of major tax benefits, or prevent his ability to transfer such benefits to someone else. Improper naming of the trust and blow out the possibility of getting title insurance, etc., etc.

    We tried for years to make using our docs so simple that anyone could do it, but we have found that in far too many cases that was a bad idea. But be that as it may, I am always ready to support Network members in court who may have screwed up.


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    @bill_gatten wrote:

    To curb a rash of litigation attempts and threats of late by those attempting to draft their own EHT documentation, no longer will EHC accept or process EHT or PAC documents that are not drawn or approved by NARS and its legal advisers.

    Thumbs up for this :D

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    I am a broker in southern cal. I am trying to close out a Pac Trust that has gone into litigation. I need to contact the new Pac Holdings group. If anyone has their contact info I would appreciate it.


    Ishmal Bartley

    Avatar of joecain

    ibartley -

    I appreciate your asking this question and thank you for posting it here where all can see. Please accept my apologies for not being able to supply you with the information that you are seeking.

    One of the major protections inherent in the Documentation we provide for these equity holding title transfer transactions is PRIVACY. As an inquiring party who is not a holder of beneficial interest, we are not required to give out this or any other of the very private info regarding this transaction. Of course, if one of the beneficiaries to this transaction chooses to provide this info to you, that is their choice. After all, it is their transaction, and they will very definitely already possess these details.

    I encourage you to consider the possibility that this specific protection, among many others, is one of the very reasons that parties enter these transactions to begin with and that, with just a little research using our Discussion Board Search Function, you will be able to discern many more. Hopefully, you will gather enough info that you will wish to generate these transactions for your own benefit.

    Avatar of lwilson

    Hello to you good people in NARS Land. I have received many comments from you that have had dealings with “PAC MGT of CA, Pac Services Group of FL”, all as a part of the Marty Weisberg Organizations. None of those comments were good. Most of those comments related with joint ventures with Weisberg.
    To review, my dealings with Weisberg began when he acquired PAC Holdings from Martin Slater and thus became the Trustee for some of my Trusts.
    If those of you that still have trust with Weisberg where you have RBs in those trust properties, I suggest you make contact with the RBs and confirmed that the RB is being invoiced properly.
    I lost one RB in 2007 due to Weisberg not posting the RBs payments, which I had to step in and get corrected. That RB ultimately vacated claiming of being overcharged. I had no data to confirm this one way or the other. You see, Weisberg had stopped sending copies of the invoices to me due to my earlier complaints about the erroneous information being placed on the RBs invoices. All I was receiving was a letter stating that the RB was delinquent by a certain amount.
    Well, this past week, I received another RB complaint that they, too, were being owercharged (double in fact). My review of the RBs invoices, in my mind, confirmed their complaint. The invoices provided me by the RB had erroneous data and the monthly billing was near double of the amount due each month.
    I encourage each of you that still have RBs in PAC Trust Properties to get
    with your RBs and clarify the invoice data that they are receiving from Pac services group.
    It could save you a lot of headaches.

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    :evil: This is why I don’t call our DFW Landtrust Group a PacRat group!

    Avatar of scott_l._moyes

    We are simply the Local NARS Network Group.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 32 total)

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