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OUr very best to the Standens

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    Not only have the Standens been threatened by the Yosemite fire, but Bobbi (Tom Sr’s wife and Tom III’s grandmother) has been in the hospital for some time now (…but we’re told she came home last night and remains under the doctors care). All of this coupled with the passing of their beautiful and beloved daughter-in-law two weeks ago have left them a bit bewildered, but hanging in there like the tigers they’ve always been.

    All any of them have asked for is our prayers: and that is what we’re asking of you.

    Our sincerest and best of possible wishes for the Standens. We love you.


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    They were already in my prayers when I heard about the fire. Bobbi is in my prayers now, too.

    Being a recent widower, I have a feel for what they are going through. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family for their loss.

    Bill, give them my deepest sympathy.


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    My best to you too, old friend.


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    Bobbi we love you and wish you well, soon! I am also sorry to hear of your daughter-in-law. Give Thomas our best also. Our prayers are with all of you.

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    EHC has been evacuated … so keep up those good thoughts and prayers for the safety and well-being of our friends and their neighbors.

    According to EHC’s out-going message, phone service should be back up, tomorrow. They also include a reminder that all doct’s are safe, with multiple backup’s.


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    Thank you for all your kind thoughts, comments and for your prayers. The fire has been horrific here in Midpines. 24 homes were lost across the Highway. There are 3,400 firefighters doing a great job (including our Grandson Joshua). We are all safe and the fire has moved North/East raging uncontrolled toward Yosemite and unless the wind reverses direction, we are out of immediate danger.

    Note Servicing Center and Equity Holding Corporation are now both fully operational with land line telephone communication restored (Cell tower has been destroyed). Tom and Thomas swung immediately into action to implement an emergency contingency plan which they had previously established to include the ability to operate offsite within 24 hours with no loss of data. Mission Accomplished!!

    Now here???s the rest of the story: Yes, our son Michael lost his wife and our precious Dorine on July 14. At only 49 years old. It was totally unexpected – until she suffered a stroke in early morning hours of July 7 and another in ambulance. MRI and CAT scan revealed advanced Cancer and she was gone one week later. Michael and the 5 Children are stunned and hurting, but managing with family support as well as the comfort and inner Peace that only the Lord can provide in times like this – Although they do not understand, their Faith is unshaken. Thank you for your prayers.

    Bobbe (me) was released conditionally from Hospital yesterday ??? recovering from Pulmonary Embolisms. Was misdiagnosed as a Heart Attack when a blood clot was discovered in leg ??? apparently blew up during exercise and went to both lungs. I say conditionally because I had a choice of being ???locked down??? in hospital due to fire or a choice to be evacuated to Hospital in Central Valley. After a week of being there, I begged for discharge to home if I followed Dr. Orders. I am???and I am recovering.

    We are truly Blessed and grateful for such caring friends. Thank you for the cards, the calls, the e-mails and your post messages and good wishes. Today, I actually found joy in watching the Deer escaping from the fire ravaged high country to feast on my Rose Bushes ??? they apparently were good to the last ???bud??? (The buck stops here). Our yard is practically swarming with birds doing what comes naturally on our windows and screens, including black birds scratching for seed in our newly planted lawn, and dozens of hungry wild turkeys routing up all raised bedding plants scrounging around for food. My perspective and priorities have obviously changed???.it now is an amusing event.

    Again thank you and God Bless. Hope to see you soon at a Workshop or meet you on line. Roberta (Bobbe)

    Roberta M. Standen
    Equity Holding Corporation

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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