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Obama announced rehabbing houses to market them

Home Forums General EHTrust/EHT Topics and Creative Real Estate Financing Obama announced rehabbing houses to market them

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    I didn’t catch the details. I think part of American Jobs Act.
    An interesting idea to repair/remod/rehab 1 million+ homes to place on the market retail or lease option.

    If/when it launches…’I'm down’.

    Anybody else?

    The DreamWork is in the TeamWork.

    cork horner

    Avatar of mtnwizard

    Whose houses? Probably all repos so they kick people out of their homes, fix them up, and rent them to others. Brilliant! ALL repos should be set up as EHT’s so that the “Renters” get some ownership. They deserve it more than the banks.

    Avatar of corkhorner

    wll wiz—whn is your appointment with ObamaMan?

    Need my platinum key to the oval office?
    c h

    Avatar of unclejim

    To rehab them doesn’t he have to own them first? When finished he can sell them to whomever he wishes. I wonder where he is going to get the money to pay for the cost of the rehab from? :shock:

    Avatar of buzzbox

    Well, the US Obama government appears to be heading for the next crash, one of its own making, by destroying its own credit through excessive borrowing. Handling funding for fixer-uppers ought to be business as usual for these folks.

    When the credit runs out, perhaps sooner than later, they’ll likely resort to the printing presses to further trash the dollar and perhaps destroy its use as the international reserve currency.

    The drying up of credit and government money printing will cause inflation to take hold big time totally destroying what value is left in the dollar (IMO).

    What will that do to the housing market? It is likely heading down some more as this all unfolds. Look out after 2012 when the Fed’s revisit the presently adopted low interest rate control policy. As the availability of mortgage credit dries up, housing prices will go down.

    I’m trying to see a defensive way to deal with all this, and stay functioning.

    Avatar of mtnwizard

    The best defense right now is gold and silver.

    As to the housing mess:

    Avatar of buzzbox

    Gary, I agree, provided one is in a position to convert other assets into precious metals. Generally speaking gold and silver do not provide a means of income unless you are in the business of trading or producing them as a commodity.

    I tend to view housing as a commodity and a means of both income and defense against inflationary damage in the same way. The trick, of course, is to get the property into a free and clear position, so that it can be used to produce income. That income will tend to match inflation come what may. For that reason I feel acquiring single family property is a sound, and should be a primary course of action.

    We should no longer be so concerned with the ups and downs of the market but rather with the rental income flow a property will produce. That rental flow must be sufficient to clear all holding costs while eliminating the debt associated with the property and also provide a means of rapid principal reduction with cash flow. Inflation will tend to help us as we’ll be receiving increasing rental income to clear fixed amount mortgage loans. Additionally we should use any or all of the mortgage loan settlement procedures known to us to help clear the loan(s). We want to get the property free and clear as quickly as possible and keep it that way for future income purposes. If you have several properties, all with liens it would be defensive to consolidate or sell one or more to create one or more free and clear properties. In other words use the equity in others to get you free and clear elsewhere. Then, if you haven’t already done so you can begin to purchase gold and silver with some of that income stream as real back-up protection, following a monthly averaging purchase plan.

    Can we somehow create a free and clear type program with the NARS system? Can we ignore market values as a means to profit, as I think we should? Can we form a workable solution based primarily on monthly rental values? What means can we devise to accelerate and achieve rapid mortgage elimination utilizing the EHT?

    Ideas anyone?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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