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New York Court

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    Now they have changed their mind and simply don’t want to live there. We put the house up for sale, with no luck. We lowered the price with no luck. Then the just stopped paying rent. They haven’t paid since April. They hired a lawyer from “LEGAL AID” which is a free lawyer for poor people and they plan on portraying me as a “swildler” who took money from these “poor” people who can’t afford to live there.


    They gave “Constructive Notice of Intent to Vacate”, prior to the July 31st expirations, below, BY NOT PAYING.

    One more stickler: The trust and lease have expired as of July 31. So at the moment they are living there without a lease or anything.

    If this is stated in the Trust, I wanted to bring it up.

    They are trespassing.

    As long as so much of this is just head games with them and their free lawyer at this stage, what would it take to call it a misunderstanding ?

    They put money out.

    They entered into an agreement in which forfeits are exacted.

    They forfeited that money.

    Unintentionally, they are

    a “swildler” who took money from these “poor” people who can’t afford to live there

    if anybody is.

    Is any of that money around that you could PARLEY for them, into another place that they can afford ?

    Out of the goodness of your heart, you’d be building them an investment vehical, out of the disaster ( misunderstanding ).

    Boy, am I full of it.

    Real life is so much more complicated.

    Hope everything works out to the best, for everyone.

    Thanks, Alan

    P.S. Does any of this fit into Greater New York Metropolitan Area Kathleen’s repertoire ?

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    The Lease Agreement says:

    If Tenant holds over after expiration of the term, and Landlord is directed to accept, and does so accept, rent from Tenant in the monthly amount specified in Paragraph #2 above, the tenancy shall then continue on a month-to-month basis for no longer than the term of the trust, whose trustee holds title subject property, unless landlord has been instructed by beneficiaries of such trust to renew or extend this Agreement.

    If Tenant willfully and maliciously remains in possession of the Premises after expiration of the tenancy, Landlord may recover three times the amount of any damages and rent due, as punitive damages.

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    1. Where is the property? I take it that its the metropolitan area – NYC or other? NYC can be a nightmare while Long Island has summary eviction.

    2. I am NOT a landlord/tenant attorney nor do I want to be one. However, I have some good people I refer out to and I can hook you up. The land trust presents a twist as the beneficiary has a possessory interest. NY considers that beneficial interest to be an economic interest in real property. Does the Possession Agreementt rise to a lease or rental agreement? I don’t know.

    3. The agreement modifying or waiving rights under the warranty of habitabiliity would be void – I would argue that those provisions modifying the warranty could be void but not the entire possession agreement. There should be language in the Agreement to that effect.

    I will think more on this.

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    Kathleen, you stated…

    The land trust presents a twist as the beneficiary has a possessory interest. NY considers that beneficial interest to be an economic interest in real property.

    The term “economic interest” – can you please define this?

    Also, the term “possessory interest” – ?

    Do these equate to “equitable and/or legal interest?”

    I understand the phrases in practicality and principal… but this can be
    confusing in a legal sense.

    It’s my understanding that NY recognizes the rule of “Equitable
    Conversion,” Yes?

    If so… then, the beneficiaries have recognized interest in the trust, not
    the real property (i.e. personalty, not realty), therefore…

    As owners OF INTEREST IN THE LAND TRUST, not the res or corpus of that
    land trust… they cannot claim equitable interest in the real estate… or any
    other kind of interest in the real estate (i.e. “possessory or economic”)… but only in the trust?

    Is this incorrect?

    I’d be very interested in how the NARS Occupancy agreement affects a
    “possessory interest” argument and, if that should legally concern us.

    Rights of ownership in the real estate, both legally and equitably, remain
    solely and fully in the trustees lap. “Possessory and economic” interests..
    those are new to me.

    Have the NY courts established a dfferent rule for these interests or the
    equitable conversion principals?

    Please advise… I’m working with several folks in NY state for eventual
    property acquisition and need to clearly have a correct understanding of

    Love your posts… thank you for the valuable contributions you always


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    You can’t say “regardless of the state”! Doing so puts you in jeopardy. The treatment of land trusts does vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and there is not going to be one definitive answer across the board for the entire country.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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