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Need to show RB copy of docuementation for review…

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    I’m curious if someone can help me out here. I’ve got a house under NEO and I’ve located a RB that wants to move in. This is my first trust with NARS, so I haven’t been through the process of documentation yet.

    My RB would like to review the Trust Agreement and Beneficiary agreement before making a final decision, but the “For Illustration Only” copy which was included in my success pack is too hard to read after scanning. I’ve tried multiple times to phone and email staff in the documentation department, but I get absolutely no reply to my messages left. This is getting frustrating and I’m worried about the RB walking away because I can’t produce documentation. (I’m not trying to do this by myself, by the way. I will definitely have NARS put together the final docs.)

    Is it possible that non-members get no service by policy? I happen to be in a position where I can’t afford the membership unless I can validate that the NARS strategy is going to work for me. I am willing to pay the non-member rate, but I am beginning to get concerned that nobody will even return my call to setup a trust in the first place. I really like the NARS EHT system and want to make this happen. I’m not complaining as much as honestly seeking some assistance and guidance.


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    Tell them they have 5 Days to recind the contract if they are worried. Tell them Legal Dept. needs to create the documentation to fit their specific purpose.

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    Hi Luke -

    I appreciate your posting the perceived lack of attention and contact between the NARS Office and you. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Please accept my apologies for the delays and the breakdown in communication on our end. This is not our standard service level. The parties that you emailed late last Wednesday have not been in the NARS Office until today and I was only made aware of the situation when I read your post.

    We take a lot of pride in our level of customer service and work hard to ensure that each and every person who contacts us has their needs met, regardless of their status in the NARS Professional Network.

    As for the issue you have raised regarding the watermark used in the Documentation Manual that is a part of the NARS Success Pack that you have purchased, we are currently nearing the completion of a project that lightens the watermark to the point that the verbiage in the Docs can now be read more easily.

    We no longer generate a Manual without watermark or an e-copy of any kind, even for our Network Members and have no current plan to do so. The newly revised Manual will serve the purpose of allowing you to have a copy to show any potential clients who have questions about the transaction into which they are considering entering.

    Meanwhile, the comment from homesavers above is valid. We generate individually crafted Trust Docs on a per-transaction basis only, each legally reviewed and revised by our outside Counsel and including all the variable date that you provide for us populated throughout our complete boilerplate Doc Package.

    I am not sure that I have a great short term answer for the challenge of sending a version to a potential Resident Beneficiary at this moment in time, but we do have a new version soon to be delivered.

    Again, please accept our apologies for the delays in getting in touch with you. Email me directly in the future on these types of issues and I will always get back to you at my earliest convenience.

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    I’m a gold member & I do not get reply email nor return phone call from the office.

    I am worry because my seller is going to sign the proposal shortly. I am not comfortable with this whole thing.

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    I’m a gold member and I have always had great service with NARS. A couple of times I have not had a return call or email, however I always followed up and bingo, I got a live person.
    I forgot to call a very important person yesterday and she was good enough to call me. I apologized and we took it from there. She is the owner of a couple of schools and is very greatfull she found me and she is persistant. I like that.
    On the first deal I worked on in March, NARS had the docs done in about a week and I had to catch up to them to make sure I had all my ducks lined up. Everyone was available, Bill, Joe, Steve, Mark, Lori and the whole gang. Keep calling and it will happen.

    Thanks NARS

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    Below is the text of an email that I have sent to mandalay in response:

    mandalay -

    This email is the only avenue that I currently have to contact you. I do not have your actual name, only your screen name. At NARS we are working diligently to return each and every contact, whether by phone, voice mail, email, snail mail or on the Discussion Board. Please accept my apology if you have not received a response previous to this. There certainly could be lots of reasons as to why your contact was not returned, but honestly, I get that none of that really matters. I am going to suggest that you consider the possibility that you do as Rick on our Discussion Board has suggested, and simply call in to the NARS Office again.

    We stand ready to assist in your success.

    P.S. – Thank you Rick.

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    mark cohen

    I also have had trouble getting a response Joe. I have submitted the docs and now will see if I can actually get some help in completing the transaction.

    Avatar of joecain

    Hi Mark -

    I appreciate your post and your perception of events. I recognize that even a delay of a few minutes in getting a question answered can be important if you are in the middle of something and need a response. Please accept my apologies if I have not met some expectation that you have. It is our commitment at NARS to give the best Customer Service in the industry and to follow up on every contact in a timely fashion.

    Just to be clear on one thing: In just the last five business days, I have record of four emails that I have sent to you in timely response to your emailed request for information. And most of this was even before you Submitted your first Trust to NARS in the last few hours. Since you responded to these emails, I can guess that you received them.

    I will continue to be in communication with you as we move forward on your first transaction and the other one that we have discussed that is soon to be Submitted. Please expect a contact via phone later today from Lisa in the NARS Office confirming the receipt of the Submitted information for your Trust.

    Talk to you soon. I look forward to working with you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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