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Need ground partner in Detroit, Michigan

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    Please contact me regarding a property that I have lined up in Detroit. SB willing to give us the property for the amount owed which is $55,000; allegedly needs about $7000 of work to bring it up to ARV of $66,000. It is on Roselawn Street in zip code 48204.

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    I am curious about your involvement in Detroit where real estate prices are close to zero on many homes? That must be in a good area?

    You could just go to
    yellow Pages and train a local realtor?

    cork h.
    san diego

    Avatar of alanburkhart

    Cork, This came out of a call to an investor who has a property in my area (Charlotte, NC). That property is currently tied up but he wanted to exit the property in Detroit. The investor is in Maine (???) I don’t know his reason for owning the Detroit property.

    Have you found realtors that are easily “trained”?

    Avatar of flylady

    If you would like, I could do a value check for you. Unless, this home is in a well desired neighborhood, which I can’t tell by zip code, I wouldn’t touch it. You can buy homes in Detroit for 5,000 or less. Detroit is block by block. You have to have a person who knows the area. Tracey

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    I have contractor in Detroit that is interested and does project management. Also, I am familiar with Detroit from an investment and long distance ownership standpoint if you have any questions.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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