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NARS Trust Success Stories

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    My two thread starters re success stories aren’t sticking. They disappeared after I posted them. I don’t know why, so I’m trying again.

    Anyone got any success stories to share?

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    @SoCalGal wrote:

    My two thread starters re success stories aren’t sticking. They disappeared after I posted them. I don’t know why, so I’m trying again. Anyone got any success stories to share?

    I’ve been sharing them, in detail, for 7 years now via these postings and in my eBook. I have posted dozens of examples of successful deals, both Long Term and Short Term.

    What does my or anyone elses success have to do with yours?

    Like I said in several other posts. I know of other members who have also done dozens of successful transactions. They do not like to post “their success” and wish it to remain private.

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    Since SoCalGal is so desperate to hear success stories that she started three different threads, here is a link for you. Enjoy the success stories of Vera Bradley Designs, Jelly Belly Candy Company, and the Vermont Teddy Bear among many others.


    Who cares if they’re not NARS Trust stories? You don’t like NARS anyway.


    Gary, Did you see this ?

    Just checking.

    There is a whole Loan Industry crying about how the have hurt so many Home Owners, by BamBoozeling them into inadvisable, dangerious ( how be it: Profitable for the Loan Officer ) and unethical and immoral “Products.”

    That BamBoozeling ability wont serve them very well against Bill Gatten’s material, below.

    To the Death of the BamBoozel Industry’s BamBoozel M.O. and Long Live the Legally Entitled Wealth, for the sake of Honest Entrepreneurship ( vs., by the way: Monopolies, Racketeering, Libel, etc. ) !

    The Bill Gatten Center is coming to build Real Estate fortunes in San Diego!

    Join The Bill Gatten Center and Special Guests
    January 30th – February 1st, 2009
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    San Diego is amongst the hardest hit by the housing meltdown. Many are running away
    as they see prices collapsing around them. Is this a good market for Real Estate Investing?

    Yes, without a doubt this is the best Real Estate Market we have ever seen.

    Come join us as we show you how:
    - To protect yourself from all the burdens of Real Estate Investing.
    - How to build millions in assets with No Money Down.
    - How you can work with us and our financial resources to acquire real estate today.
    - How to protect yourself from the IRS and its most recent attack on
    Real Estate Professionals.
    - Simply put we will show you how to survive in today???s Real Estate Market
    while building future riches.

    Join The Bill Gatten Center and Special Guests
    January 30th – February 1st, 2009
    Click Here to Join Us Now!

    The Bill Gatten Center brings all the excitement of Bill Gatten with special guests including:

    - Special Guest Dr. Albert Lowry will teach you the creative financing techniques
    you need to know to achieve financial independence during our current economy!

    - Grammy Recording Artist and Motivational Speaker, Omar Periu, who brings his
    many years of experience on building success to the stage.

    - Real Estate tax attorney, Maurice Kempner, reveals the recent surge of attacks
    on Real Estate Investors and how to prepare for the looming audit. He will also
    show how NARS and the Bill Gatten Center now offer tax and accounting protection
    to all our Network Members.

    - And Bill Gatten himself will bring his bag of tricks with him as he takes you
    through the last housing crisis

    This is not only for those of you who have never seen Bill live, it is for everyone
    looking to take advantage of the greatest real estate market ever. Sellers are stuck.
    Buyers are begging. Real Estate Professionals are pulling out their hair trying to
    close a transaction, while NARS investors are smiling all the way to the bank because
    this is their market. So come prepared because your help is needed in building
    back the foundation to this economy and your retirement.

    You are really missing out if you haven’t reserved your place for
    January 30th – February 1st, 2009
    Click Here to Join Us Now!

    So, when was the last time you actually rolled up your sleeves at a workshop?
    Be prepared to get the inside scoop on everything. If you haven’t been using
    the techniques we teach you or maybe you lack the confidence to get started,
    come see and experience as the pros work directly with you!
    Remember no one does it like we do it!

    * Snub your nose at the Real estate meltdown???
    * Buy properties with No Credit; No Cash; No Payments???
    * Work foreclosures (safely and ethically)???
    * Avoid violating the “Due on Sale Clause”???
    * Build a beautiful retirement in no time (no matter your age)???
    * Best of all use this market to buy, buy, buy!!

    How does one come prepared? First, really set aside the time that weekend and
    commit to putting forth all your energy to this great endeavor. Second, come
    with knowledge of where to find “For Sale By Owner” sales across the USA. That’s
    right. You can capitalize on Real Estate opportunities that are not always in
    your backyard! That is not to say that the local daily newspaper is not a great
    source of leads, but we’re asking you to take a second to see what is out there
    in the national market. Need a hint? Try the Web! Finally, no need to worry
    about how you are going to acquire these properties, that’s what we’ll be there
    to educate you on!

    ***Please give this code when you RSVP: eNARS0930***
    Click Here to Join Us Now!

    See you January 30th – February 1st, 2009!
    Friday: 6:00pm-9:00pm Registration at 5:30pm
    Saturday: 9:00am-9:00pm Registration at 8:30am
    Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm Registration at 8:30am

    Location Address:
    Doubletree Club
    San Diego Hotel
    1515 Hotel Circle South
    San Diego, CA 92108
    Phone: 1-619-881-6900

    Thank you and have a great day!
    Lori Geelhoed
    The Bill Gatten Center
    818-610-8801, Ext 0 for Customer Service
    818-610-8805 (Fax #)

    Bill and Gail Gatten, and the Magic Staff at NARS (Jeff and Pete, and Scott and Dave,
    and Roberta and Tom, and Steve and Lisa, and Linda and Lori, and Joe… each one a
    major and irreplaceable part of the finest team ever assembled).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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