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NARS Membership … To Be or Not to Be?

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    jerry carey

    Let me preface this post by saying that I am NOT a NARS Member!

    Frankly, I’m a little tired of hearing in many of the postings here about excluding Non-members from areas of the discussion boards or even programs (ie: REAP) for Members ONLY :!:

    What are we Non-Members … Lepers :?:

    To me the only advantage I see of becoming a “Member” is that if I do enough transactions … ultimately it will save me money for the transaction cost of future deals! $10,000 membership fee has to be compared to the savings per deal in my area which is about $2,500 each. Therefore (apaproximately) after 4 deals I’d start saving money as a Member. Well I myself and many other investrors who do NARS transactions don’t do that many deals to make it financially sensible to join! Alvin … you have not done One (1) deal yet … so what bvenefit so far have you gotten for your $10K investment? Same question goes to Neftali and Homesavers (Don)?

    If NARS doesn’t want Non-Members than why do they offer Non-Member transactions for a higher price? The answer is … obviously it’s good business to do so! Wouldn’t Bill be foolish to not accept more money for a transaction for investors who can’t financially make sense out of joining due to low volume of transactions!

    I’ve been posting on this board for 2 years and I think I’ve made a contribution to helping Members and Non-Members. I don’t think I or any other Non-Member should be excluded from any NARS program or benefit!

    Are Members making “sooo” much money that they wish to exclude the investor who doesn’t do a lot of NARS deals. Isn’ our money as green as the Member’s Money?

    This is just my opion … others are welcome!

    Jerry Carey
    NARS Advocate / Non-Member

    Avatar of areyes

    ive done 3 deals conventionally but not 1 deal using the EHT system.

    ive been with NARS for 3 years and ive been struggling and obviously learning/experiencing a lot from everyone. if i hadn’t found NARS, id still be on the fence scared $hitless with bronchick’s lease option course that i was studying and all the other risks and pitfalls that no other guru had the answers for.

    my membership price was way less than what it is now but i thought it was worth it at that time. sure i havent closed a deal yet, so what? i didnt quit and i dont plan on quitting anytime soon. im still persistent and im still hustling until im able to match one up. im 28 and i still have ways to go. i have NEO’s and i have buyers but i can’t match them up at the moment! working this in CA is tough but after im able to close my 1st deal, i would think it would just get easier.

    i understand what youre saying jerry but that’s the premium price we’ve paid for to “benefit” from the upcoming REAP program. who knows? this may help me close my 1st deal quicker since they can probably address my weaknesses.

    all i need is just 1. just 1 deal. just 1 close.

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    Avatar of jerry carey
    jerry carey

    Alvin and others:

    Please do not read into my posting that I am against NARS in any way shape of form. In fact, I’m quite the opposoiite … I think the NARS transaction program is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

    The point I am trying to make is simply what has been being a Member done for you so far that you couldn’t have done without being a Member. Absoutely nothing!

    I’m talking the simple economics of whether or not the Membership investment is a financilly sound invest for ALL transaction users! I know in my case it isn’t. Until you do three or four tranactions at a savings … thus far it wasn’t a good investment for you Alvin! Not yet anyways.

    My point is simply what can a member do that I cannot :?: Nothing :!: The only difference is that if I do a number of transactions … than I could save money the costs of the NARS transaction fees per deal!

    As far as the REAP program goes … I do not believe that it is a NARS Program, but rather Scott Moye’s and Dave Salcido’s program! Based on the sneak previews advanced so far … it sounds like a program for the less experienced NARS transaction participants … Non-Members! I think Scott will be wise enough to to use the same marketing tools as Bill and perhaps charge a higher fee for certain users (Non-NARS Members) rather than not avial these profitable transactions for for him to Non-Members :!:

    Hey Guys … I LOVE the NARS program … but not necessarily a non required membership program to participate. After all, won’t NARS make more off my transactions deals by me being a non-member?

    Jerry Carey

    Avatar of homesavers

    @Jerry Carey wrote:

    Let me preface this post by saying that I am NOT a NARS Member!

    Frankly, I’m a little tired of hearing in many of the postings here about excluding Non-members from areas of the discussion boards or even programs (ie: REAP) for Members ONLY :!:

    What are we Non-Members … Lepers :?:
    Alvin … you have not done One (1) deal yet … so what bvenefit so far have you gotten for your $10K investment? Same question goes to Neftali and Homesavers (Don)?

    Jerry Carey
    NARS Advocate / Non-Member

    Since I was referenced in this post I will address the question. Jerry, I will preface by saying I appreciate all your input here. To be a member or not a member that is the question. Not getting deals is on me. Not NARS. I have completed two NARS EHT Deals since I became a member in early 2005. Before that I studied several systems and even paid to have coaching. The ROI on your investment will come with your first deal. Why do I say that because if you are doing Subject to, Lease Option or any other no money down acquisition method out there you are jumping out of a plane without a parachute. An Attorney will cost you pretty close to 10,000 dollars to save your A$$ets if he can.
    So I would say you are welcome here. You are not going to get any trade secrets here-member or not. We need to work together and close some deals and make some money here.

    I would like to conclude by saying Bill Gatten has been the most helpful to me out of all of them. Him and his lovely wife, Gail helped me get started on the right track in this business.
    I haven’t put enough effort in. Again that is on me. That is going change now. I have just been struggling with my niche.

    Avatar of scott_l._moyes

    @Jerry Carey wrote:

    Frankly, I’m a little tired of hearing in many of the postings here about excluding Non-members from areas of the discussion boards or even programs (ie: REAP) for Members ONLY :!:

    First of all let me start by saying that I do not work for NARS and can’t speak for them. But in any “Program” there are usually different levels of service. Some you pay for upfront and some you pay on a subscription basis. Members enjoy better pricing because they have “paid” for it. If NARS wants to offer “Members” some extended service then whats the problem?

    Second; REAP has nothing to do with NARS other than it is what I call my own service and company. Because I am exclusive to NARS transactions and have many years and many transactions under my belt, I am offering my personal partner and mentorship for those who want to actually close deals with my help. I’ve worked out an arrangement with Bill and NARS so that I will be a compliment to Brett, Bill, Joe and all of NARS.

    Like NARS, if someone wants my help and services they may subscribe or agree to partner with me on specific transactions. For that I will give them access to the back end of the REAP Website.

    Regardless of who it is, NARS or REAP, there are some things that don’t need to be discussed in a “public” forum. We (NARS/REAP) don’t, for example, want to be teaching, FOR FREE, any competitors, like there could ever really be any.

    There have been many Gurus and Investors who felt they learned enough from this forum to go out and “do it on their own”, without paying for the material or having access to the NARS Documentation Dept. What a BIG Freakin Mistake that is. Its not good for NARS or anyone else who thinks they can do this type of deal without the Trademarked and Patent Pending Process. They end up screwing it up after copying pages of the Trust out of the book or paying an attorney to fake his way through it. These are the people who give Land Trusts, not just NARS EHTrusts a bad name.

    Members pay for LIFETIME Service, Mentoring, Coaching, Documentation Pricing etc. And YES, even a Private Area for Members Only when available. Member only areas are for more personal and intense service and training, the kind they pay for and expect.

    Sam’s Club and Costco are a great example. People who belong to specific organizations or those who “pay for a membership” get in and get a discount. Is it fair for someone to join a private club to get a discount on groceries? ABSOLUTELY!

    Members do more transactions because they are members. They have made a committment, especially financially, to this business. Since NARS offers a full one year money back guarantee if you follow the program, where can you go wrong? Geez, Bill even offers payment plans for those who really want to make that strong of a committment.

    I agree with you. If you are only going to do a deal or two a year, why be a member. I plan on a deal or two a month and so my committment and is and was much higher.

    I suppose “Non-Members” has a negitive conitation to it. Perhaps NARS could have levels of service instead. In fact I do believe I have heard talk of such thing.

    I know, since I’ve been around here for a while, that regardless of you status, NARS and Bill offer no less service to Non-Members as they do Members. In fact the service to anyone is above reproach.

    Avatar of kevinscott
    Kevin Scott

    The QUALITY of this board will likely go down considerably if Bill’s and Scott’s and Gary’s et.al. best teaching goes to a members only board.
    This board is UNMATCHED and UNRIVALED. No question.
    I’d cry if this changes.
    (But, ahem, I’d reach for my wallet too!)

    Avatar of corkhorner

    I will attempt to keep it simple.
    First, being that you are a board moderater, I appreciate the ‘democratic’ approach you utilize on this board.
    Much of the stuff here written these days would have been hammered, modified or deleted in ‘the good old days’.

    I appreciate the slack given to those who express their thinking and beliefs without getting flamed or deleted.

    My view is that creative real estate is both very simple and can get complicated very fast, especially when players/principals have widely opposing agendas. This can happen in any transaction. i suspect most here can relate to this. It has happened to me many times over.

    What is particularly noteworthy regarding the above, those who think they have a better NARS path usually wind up in the deepest doo-doo imaginable with very high level legal opposition from various legal authorities. i will not air those situations here as Bill G. knows most of them as an expert outside resource in those cases. Yes, cases.

    In view of the millions of homes transacted every year, and the million or so on the market at any one time, it can be safely stated there is room for any number of NARS type transactions with open participation, ‘member or non member’.

    My own perspective is that I prefer team building and team playing as there is much more power in numbers and like minded approaches.

    The current shakeout in the financial markets which goes to the very grass roots of America called housing is far from over, in my opinion.
    There are probably deals coming down the pike in ways almost unimaginable from here.

    These are exciting times and challenging times. Those with the most courage and chutzpah will prevail. With or without cash.

    cork horner
    Idea Engineering Unlimited

    Avatar of scott_l._moyes

    @KevinScott wrote:

    The QUALITY of this board will likely go down considerably if Bill’s and Scott’s and Gary’s et.al. best teaching goes to a members only board. This board is UNMATCHED and UNRIVALED. No question. I’d cry if this changes. (But, ahem, I’d reach for my wallet too!)

    Sorry, but I could not disagree with you more. If anything this board will only get better. Why, because it will allow us to seperate the doers from the lurkers. Doers will have an area that they can discuss exact details on specific transactions they do not want to disclose in public.

    We hope to help NARS Members generate many many more transactions which, after they are closed, and not just hypothetical, we will post on the public forum the atonomy of these deals for all to see and learn from without giving away all our trade secrets.

    Like Dave Salcido said in another post. REAP, for NARS and NARS Members, is like an Application for MSWindows. Windows/NARS is the Operating System. REAP is a seperate application for POWER USERS.

    Even though Windows has WordPad and NotePad built into it, Microsoft also makes MSWorks (a limited and simplier versioin of MSOffice) and MSOffice. These are different Applications with more robust features depending you your level of NEED. Some of you, will never NEED REAP. REAP is a POWER TOOL, that when you really need it will be available to you.

    MSOffice like REAP, has and will have many Dynamic Link capibilities to help you run your business. The plan is for a single entry system that starts with your offer. The data you use to generate your offer will be saved and used to populate the required docs should your offer be accepted. There will also be “Dynamic Links” within your offer for Sellers, Realtors and Attorneys so that when they “mouse over” and term or phrase they don’t understand or want more clairification on, it will open up a dialog box that gives an answer or discription. It will even allow them to click on a link to YOUR own website that will give a complete explaination, if needed, much like an auto-advanced FAQ.

    REAP will allow you to spend more time locating and closing deals and while not having to worry about micro-managing documentation or personally having to answer detailed questions form Attorneys and Professionals that you don’t have the answers to.

    Folks, this is not pie in the sky stuff here. This is really going to happen and is being worked on in a simple form right now by Jeff and Dave.

    Now, with all this said, that doesn’t mean you need or have to put all you are doing now on hold. The basic system will be ready sooner than you think, with more advanced tools being added as we learn how to use the ones we’ve rolled out.

    One more thing. We anticipate that a couple different “levels of service” will be available to all those doing NARS EHTrust transactions, regardless if you are a Network Member or not. There will be a very advanced level of service for those that Really Need it. No one is going to be left out or forgotten because they are a full Network Member… YET!

    Another thing. The first version is scheduled to be rolled out and introduced at an All Day Workshop I’m hosting in Salt Lake City on Oct 18th. Bill and NARS will be hosting a 3 Day Intensive Training the following weekend and Dave and I will be there to assist. From there we will be anouncing an One Day Workshop schedule to introduce REAP across the country and to preview the NARS Advanced Training to follow.

    Avatar of bill_gatten

    Just to jump in here.

    The reason we charge what we do for a Network membership might be due to what we offer and the fact that we pay out almost as much as we take in (not $10,000 – $8,995 with a $2,000 discount for group sign-ups).

      Free toll free telephone lines
      Adtrakker and Ad Blaster advertising lines (we pay for all of your incoming and outgoing calls on your ads and telephone solicitation for sellers – no limit to the number of calls)
      Free comps services
      Books, disks, table top and computer based flip charts, documentation manual, etc.
      Personal coaching and mentoring (unlimited and lifetime)
      Client sales conferencing (we conference with member’s clients to get the houses, as well as sell the concept to buyers and other investors.
      Greatly discounted corporation and LLC set up
      Free attorney and accounting consultation
      Free attendance at all future workshops and seminars and boot camps
      Admittance to members only site
      Weekly Saturday telephone continuing training
      Several years of archived Saturday sessions
      Free use of ME (and other staff members) to do buyer-seller seminars for you (in-person or telephonically)
      Discounts for use of the Living Free and Clear System
      Discounts for use of the various loan modification programs we work with
      Discounts to other speaker’s workshop and materials (Al Lowry, Omar Perieu, Bruce Norris, Donna Bower, Wendy Patton, Lauri Waddell, Dwan Bent Twyford…to name a few
      And then there’s the free 100% money-back Success Guaranty stepped-up pro-active coaching program (OCS)

    So…that’s why….

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