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Mortgage Loan.

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    Once the mortgage loan is passed, after the mortgage process it is directed to the closing department. There the documents to be signed at closing are prepared. The person applying for loan mortgage gets the documents which are typically a title company or even a closing attorney. The closing funds in the mortgage process are exchanged at this juncture normally through cashier’s check draft or wire.

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    Do you know where you are? This is not Ding Dong School or Real Estate 101. This post is a complete waste of space. Your profile says you are a young music student. I suggest that you spend several hours on this site to see what it is we do here and the level of knowledge and expertise of the members before posting such an inane post as this. There are investors, real estate professionals, mortgage professionals, etc., with YEARS of real estate experience. Study.

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    hey—Mr Wiz—-u don’t like my alma mater, Ding Dong School? Hell, before that I couldn’t even spell ‘Dong-Ding’….

    c h
    Desert Flower

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    It sounds like the heat is getting to you. Are you having fun in my stamping grounds yet?

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    Hard to tell, Ms Jane—-Hard to tell….

    Clouds forming….Cloud Prayer ” Please Rain”.

    It’s the roofers at noon I marvel at!

    But, Vegas is much the same….it’s after all, The Desert.

    Like, if ya can survive out here, it’s a gimmee anywhere else including Moose Hunter Stanton Blue Sky.

    Desert Tortoise

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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