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Let’s kick it up a notch?

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    To paraphrase Emeril.
    What do I mean?
    This board, with all its voluminous lurkers needs a shot of adrenaline.

    A group team effort could be an elegant answer, especially for SoCal.

    With an entity to create roughly 25% equity in REO/short sales, isn’t it likely to get 75% funding from private investors , then put the homes in the AHA System.?

    what say you, oh lurkers in the Kingdom?

    I can hardly wait to see YOUR response, SM.

    Y’all know that Nation called SoCal doncha? It’s where you are never alone from Ridgecrest, to Santa Barbara to Yuma to Tijuana border to Whiskey Pete’s. WP is the Berdoo/LV border.

    No code rings required,
    cork horner
    transaction coordinating

    Avatar of homesavers

    Cork what language do you use? With all do respect to you, your writing here is very hard to follow.

    Avatar of corkhorner_2

    Home Saver,
    I have the code rings on sale.
    They are in English.

    What do I focus on? Finding motivated sellers who can’t sell, and motivated buyers who can’t buy, THEN position myself in between to be the Transaction Coordinator. That, btw, is right out of the SM Training Manual.—-the one on this board.

    Babe Ruth was the ‘strike out King. Henry Ford went bk several times, as did Walt Disney and Prudential.

    Perhaps one of the keys to any success is to not follow the crowds and stay out of the box.

    Or, to adapt the Dale Carnegie Sales Course question “if I could, would you……..”"? This relates back to the SM Training Manual.

    Truly, Yours;
    c h

    Avatar of peter@amakya

    Cork, while that is one of the questions taught at Dale, the actual question from the course circa 1985 and before, it has since changed, is “If there were way to…da da da.(place a need in here), you would surely be interested, but before we can go ahead, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”

    This is from the Interest step of the five step process.

    Not so bad from memory, but if you want the exact words? Hum, I can scrounge them up for you.

    Avatar of bill_gatten


    Cork. Your are smart. You are erudite. You are articulate and have it down pat. You’re even beautiful…in a way that I’m sure God understands. However, you’re returning to the old Corkiberish crap again.

    Please do us the grandest favor in the world and let us benefit from your insights in plain freakin’ g.d. Americanized Anglo Saxon basedEnglish!!

    Don’t presume that because a few of us can (or are willing to) keep up with your malapropistic, contractile assaults on the language that anyone else can or would care to.

    Say what you mean without the cutesy-wootsy sh**! Or Doctor Mialoq will be all over your young a** again, and I’ll be right behind him.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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