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Leap of faith

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    Okay folks, I’m convinced. As soon as the nice lady from sales calls me back, I’m becoming a full member of NARS (courtesy of AMEX). I’m counting on each and everyone of you to help me make this work and listen to my stupid questions.


    Avatar of sstanton


    (I know, a bit premature but,) Welcome on board.


    Avatar of jeffpkeller

    I’m a new member also. It was a very big leap of faith for me to plunk down the cold cash to join. I have been working hard to put deals together for the past 3 days… I’ve spoken with a lot of people… sent off some proposals… it is exciting and scarry all at the same time.

    I started the OCS (mentoring) program today with Bret. That was cool. I’m excited to learn from him… and all the rest of you who participate on the discussion board.


    Avatar of sserio

    Welcome Paul and Jeff

    If you follow what Bill and Bret say to do and do not get frustrated you will definitely succeed. Remember it’s a numbers game … send plenty of proposals and as General Jim Pasquini says, learn how to give “good phone”, and you’ll be successful. Oh and the support of the NARS Members on this board is unmatched!!!

    Avatar of dbhenderson

    :lol: Also, you’re already 95% ahead of the game because you are doing it. 95% of failure is because you didn’t even try! Talk is cheap. Remember, the biggest risk is not taking risk!

    Avatar of bill_gatten


    Welcome aboard. As a member you own us lock, stock and barrel, and don’t even have to feed us.

    Remember the key is “The Art of Tossing Crap Against the Wall”:

    To wit: Go where the crap is and start throwing it. Throw comfortable handfulls of the stuff against the wall until some of it sticks…then don’t stop! Just determine to throw harder and faster from that point on.

    The primarily source of failure in our business is….flangin’ it hesitatingly with the old forfinger-tip and end-of-thumb grip, with pinky extended, ’til some finally sticks, and then presuming the job to be complete.

    I ask you: How on earth can you make a living off a single piece of crap (so to speak…no offence to the Lease Option gurus)? Nooooo!!! When it starts sticking, that means you have to keep on digging it up and hurling more and more of it, by the handful, until you can’t see the wall any more.

    Just ask Scott Moyes. He throws out more crap than anyone I know, finding himself covered with it most of the time as he skips along giggling gleefully on the way to the bank.


    Avatar of scott_l._moyes

    @bill_gatten wrote:

    Just ask Scott Moyes. He throws out more crap than anyone I know, finding himself covered with it most of the time as he skips along giggling gleefully on the way to the bank.Bill

    And in the middle of that pile of horse pucky, that no one else wanted, was a beautiful pony, which I ride to the bank. Yeppie Ki Yeh!

    Avatar of Administrator


    Good to see your back (‘beats looking at your face…’oh never mind…’too old and corny…’not you, the feeble attempt at 50 year-old jocularity for a 50 year old jockey.

    And, Scott, regarding your riding that little pony to the bank, when you saddle up ol’ Skippy and your bags are drooping and more than he can handle,send them this way and I’ll be glad to help out.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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