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Laws pertaining to my state

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    Can you tell me how up to date the pdf files on various state laws are for each state?

    I was looking over the one for my state, NC, and noticed it said that tax lien certificates pay 12% and the sales are in October.

    The sales are in October, however, the state of NC does not use tax lien certificates, they sell the property at auction just like a foreclosure sale.



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    Hi Rich -

    If you are viewing the By-State Authorization pages at the Members-Only section of our website, the information presented there was accurate at the time it was written, several years ago. In the intervening years, some pieces of info have been changed, due mostly to new laws passed in individual local jurisdictions.

    The info presented in that listing is meant to be a guide only. All detailed local information regarding our equity holding title transfer transactions gets incorporated into the actual Trust Docs as we learn about them. The Docs are individually crafted at the time you generate via the Create a Trust button on our homepage.

    For more information, please contact Steve Perez in our NARS Office in California at steve@landtrust.net or by phone.


    Thanks Joe,

    That’s what I needed to verify, the age of the info. Obviously I need to verify any info I get, as I assume you guys do before you send out the contracts for each state.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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