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Land Ho!

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    u been at the Improv again?

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    urr gowna git this bored jused agin, ayncha.

    Tony The Tiger,

    3rd childhoods are great 2

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    ‘Mah fingurz gought so smokin’ my last messudge gut losticated’….WHICH MEANS “my fingers were going so fast my keyboard punched the wrong strokes and wiped out my message.

    In fact Mr Scott, I can write well or speak to ANYONE at whatever level they need.

    So, I find it VERY important to counteract what you believe is the quietness on this board…..IT AIN’T ABOUT ME!

    I found, as any lurker/poster can attest even in long periods of my posting nothing here, it is a vast wasteland of no input, knowledge or experiences of ANYBODY excepting your occasional dropping in.

    If one were to monitor the many conference calls such as Wed 3arck and Saturday it could become obvious IT AIN’T ABOUT ME …..ONE case in point was the last grand daddy of all telecalls on wed 3arck took place. Nothing to do with ME. Check with those you know and trust who were probably on it?

    Last Saturday, again not about ME, I fronted the beginning call in the absence of Bill G or any other leaders at which time Peggy in Denver used the moderator line to control the rude noises by some on the call. Lo and Behold [pirate talk] along ‘came Jones’ as in the song. Gary Jones to intercede with those having burning questions and needs about their specific 3 arck deals, where the trusts are , where the quiet title actions are yada yada. [Yiddish Pirates] His visit was refreshing and enlightening.

    Sooooooo, [o's for emphasis] AGAIN not about ME.

    If this board was about me I would be writing about and posting my approach to what is known as creative real estate….as in creonline.com. And, how Bill G. has suggested and admonished repeatedly to ‘just do or engage in deals’ even if not NARS/PAC/EHT to just get’er done. I agree wholeheartedly and that is my approach.

    I know, Scott that you model teach and train how to elegantly utilize Pac/EHT and that it must be working for you splendidly. And, I know you are working toward perfecting working with agents/Realtors in using the NARS system of landtrusts.That of itself is terrific.

    My current ‘deal’ is on the deal maker section. Not a non exclusive option for EHT, but simply a one page doc I cooked up with a group of heirs on a prop just 2 doors from me over a period of 8 months, My option is for $10 for 30 days to open a purchase agreement for $30k in cash. Now my due diligence is taking place, hunting down the unknowns AND either flipping it in escrow or getting 100% funding with a jv partner. So, I follow an algorithmic approach to get to the apex: closing /cash flow or profit. YUP.

    Yes, many avenues of creative real estate can crash. So what. Every basketball shot doesn’t score. The Superbowl is played by many wins of yardage and similar losses usually determining the winner in the end zone on the end of game horn. Again, just play the cards ya got.

    How am I doing, Mr S? The former Mayor Koch of NYC would wander the streets asking ‘How Am I Doing’?

    In short , leadership takes many forms and avenues and when its missing its the hole in the dyke.

    My 50 years of cre is currently aimed at the investor newbie market and rookie realtors in RealEstateFrontier.com. As it evolves NARS/PAC/EHT will have its place for Bill G et al to flourish.

    Sometimes Ca$h is King and the entire Kingdom.

    So Mr Scott, what have I left out?

    I will leave you with ‘the only constant is change’ by Benjamin Disraeli. Our society, our culture and most of what we call America is undergoing massive changes. MASSIVE. Only those who know how to adapt and join the best teams will flourish.

    A Corker.
    The Corkster.


    c h

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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