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Is there an Update to the DTI Letter for the SB?

Home Forums Documentation Assistance Documentation Assistance and Advice Is there an Update to the DTI Letter for the SB?

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    Is there an updated DTI letter to use for the SB when they need one. I have a SB that needs the letter and I had one from the Doc. Manual but wanted to check if there was an update or an editable version somewhere.




    8) , Alan

    Avatar of ericw


    You the designated file/document/sound clip sender these days? ;-)


    I’ve spent my life, it seems,

    Organizing Files, so that they are attainable and able to be sent out in a New York minute/

    combining and creating cleaned up docs that I can figure out and hopefully are “Dumbed Down” enough to be user friendly ( without trying to tell people EVERYTHING I KNOW, in one “take” and Choking them with Information Over-Load )/

    and Editing Audio files and cross-referencing them, to everything else, so they can be of as much use to me as possible.

    That Clip of Bret’s is popular enough that I thought of looping it and let it repeat over and over, on a Brainwash CD, until “giving away the store” No Longer Computes, in my head.

    Those folks that are entitled ( by “buying the Keys to the Car”) to the same information that we happen to have gotten along the way, need to spend their time making Offers and the “Higher-Ups” have Bigger Fish to Fry these days, the way I see it.

    All that being said, Eric, if it wasn’t for the Companionship of the NARS Board:

    WE’D ALL BE DEAD !!!

    Avatar of areyes

    hey alan

    its my turn to ask.

    can please you send me that clip and the DTI letter?
    is that audio clip the same one as the cold call file for mortgage brokers or is it different?




    I “Think” this is the same Audio file I sent you a while back.

    Pando probably has a record of it, for me to check.

    The reason I pounced on this DTI request that was asking for Documentation Assistance is that there are a couple of Real Beauties, in the Training Materials that aren’t in Editable Format; like the Lender Letters and the DTI and the Letter to Renters/ one to Financial People, like Accountants, etc., one to Landlords and some other of that stuff.

    So, if that hadn’t changed, then Joe would have had to grab the Hard-Copy, from the Manuel and Scan it to an Editable Text Document and then clean it up, to send it.

    See what I mean by, “I figure he has Bigger Fish to Fry ?”

    This way, it’s done, however I didn’t say it was the most recent revision.

    But, the only Revision ever needed is probably taking my name off and putting your’s on, with your Homeowners.

    8) , Alan

    I’ll send it. They could be in a mail merge version, if you want that.

    It throws all the docs in, with one Data Source.

    Avatar of joecain

    Alan -

    I really appreciate your taking the time to help out like this. You did indeed save me several minutes that I well spent frying fish.

    And, just so you know, the version of the DTI Letter that I would have cleaned up and sent actually comes from the very same Documentation Manual or Manual on CD that all NARS Network Members or Success Pack holders already possess.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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