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Is foreclosure right for you? I’m an illiterate Doofus!

Home Forums General EHTrust/EHT Topics and Creative Real Estate Financing Is foreclosure right for you? I’m an illiterate Doofus!

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    This site offer “foreclosure” kit that teach you what to do step by step. Check it out. Maybe you can share it with seller who don’t take your offer.


    Oh, and I apologize for not being able to read the freaking rules about NO ADVERTISING HERE!!!

    This site is put up for the sole purpose of making money for its owners…not someone esle’s foreclsocure package which is known to be inferior in the first place!!! (Dammit!) If your people want to advertise here, send me money and we’ll talk about it.

    Bill Gatten
    (now ticked off) Owner

    Avatar of flyer

    I do apologize not made myself clear in the first place. I thought it should appear clearly that the site is a joke. What I want to show is how bad the market currently is.

    How can teaching others whom already put themselves in pit, to screw more people on the way down be allowed; and we have to fight for our honest win-win solution?!

    Sorry Bill. Come and kick me if you like when you in town.

    Avatar of bill_gatten

    No kicking allowed.

    Thanks for your note. You are indeed one of the ‘good guys’ and allis forgiven. ;o).



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