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IRS Form 56

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    Do you know if a Form 56 is required when you do a land trust?

    I have heard that you do have to but I am not sure if it only applys
    if the trustee is a company.

    I have attached a Form 56.

    Here is where Mark Warda said that a Form 56 is necessary

    Here is the IRS ruling


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    That form is part of the documentation you pay for when you have NARS do it for you.

    Unless something has changed with the gubment, they complete that form, and put it in the file. In the past, it was completed and submitted, and the IRS would send it back.

    Joe Cain and his documentation board would be your best resource on this.

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    Like the Jimbo says, they don’t do much…that ol’ gubment, when it comes to the Notice of Fiduciary Responsibility (form 56a). But we always complete one anyway. They always send it back, but hey, who knows, maybe they keep a photocopy…or something. Snot my problem!


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    Does this mean that everytime a new beneficiary is added or assigned a 56a form must be filed?

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