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Great Banking Video

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    Thanks Amy,
    That is a straight forward simplistic explanation, even kids ought to be able to understand it.

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    In view of the entrenched position of the banks and the time it would take to alter the system, my view is switch this argument around and become a banker! It is quite easy actually. Acquire an asset, usually real property and get it producing cash flow each and every month. The more you get in monthly payments the greater its value as the price earnings ratio does not change i.e. increase the earnings and the price increases. Money out of thin air.

    In conclusion. Stop attacking the system you will not easily change and turn it to work in your favor. I notice most people who are happy and content seem to have done this.

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    God Show Peter.
    Becming the bank has been the underlying idea in seller financing?

    Net Operating Income of course is the basis for ROI.

    The most interesting aspct of -0- invested resulting in ANY net proceeds is an infinite ROI.

    c h

    mesa az/ san diego ca

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    Spread the word Cork.

    I notice a whole lot of people bashing the banks, while there is a whole a lot who are working in the system and ‘making money out of thin air.’

    Using the time one would use for bashing and turning it into found time to go to the next transaction is a good idea. I have found wasting energy is not productive. It tends to breed resentment and bitterness.

    Now guess who the people are who are better off?

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    I think the system should be changed – we need to quit producing money out of thin air and the distortions it creates in the economy. It benefits but just a few, and they are in control of our freedom.

    The bankers create money via debt. Thus, debt is the underlying problem, when coupled with the banks and Federal Reserve System.

    Purchasing real estate, if it has an encumbering loan obtained through an institutional lender, it feeds the system and adds to the money supply with yet more money out of thin air produced by the lender. If on the other hand, the property is purchased and the seller provides the loan, then no effect on the money supply and no new money is created.

    Unencumbered or seller financed real estate, owned or purchased for income purposes, does not add to the money supply.

    I think we should all stop bitching and try to get ourselves out of debt – that will be our small contribution towards an eventual solution. I doubt it will ever become a tidal wave to bring the system down, that is until a grass roots triggered political solution emerges.

    I also, think we are doing the system some good when we try to achieve loan settlement, by whatever means, by taking the money back out of the money supply system as a result of the loan cancellation.

    One of the attractions of the title holding land trust, is that it enables transfer to occur via beneficial assignment, if the parties to the transaction are so inclined, and are willing to receive an income stream as opposed to cash.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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