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FSBOs and website question

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    Where is the best place to find a list of potential SBs to call for SFH and multiunit of 5+ doors.? I am partial to North Carolina and FortMill, SC because I have a buyer who wants to live there. Need help and partners if I find an apartment. Anyone interested?

    Also, I need someone to criticize my web site http://www.uccapital.com. and give suggestions to improve trafic and conversion. Thank you. I will just listen to what anyone has to say.

    Avatar of almon


    What I was saying about the Leads I sent you earlier was that I have many current Home Owners that our screeners have requested:


    Current Value


    Amount Owed

    Owner’s Names

    Owner(s) Phone Numbers

    Owner’s Email Address


    along with extensive property details.

    And recommended investment approach.

    I have information sites for Long Term EHTrust, Short Sale Auctions, Short Sales for Cash Offer from TCHG, Foreclosure Bailout, REOs and Buyer Sites.

    ( separate to avoid, ” You’re selling my house for What ?”, or “You buy houses for What ?” CONFUSION. = This is THE MOST IMPORTANT INVESTOR WEB SITE thing I do.)

    I can set these sites to have No Contact Info, so they act as Info Spots for your Buyer/ Sellers to learn and give you a little credibility, while still CONTACTING YOU, directly.

    The Promotional material I send, via Email, gives Sellers on FSBO sites, or Agents to Expireds, etc. the above Links with explanations of what we may be able to consider, IF THEY “COMPLY,”"Once, we HURT them.”

    There is a nominal cost associated with any NARS Member receiveing I lead per day, however, it’s all good for NARS/ Members and all.

    We can “work” them together on the Board, too, as you saw.


    Avatar of spunky

    Hi Alan, I am interested in getting a list of FSBO names, address, phone , and if you have it, email and financial information.
    If seller says yes to …will hold and emails me back the signed proposal, then I can tell you, and we can share some of the beneficial interest on a EHTrust.
    If interested, send to uccapital@carolina.rr.com Send any property you feel like, if you will pay for repairs, holding, marketing and realestate commissions. Otherwise screen these out. Also, these properties are extreamly hard to find RBs for- condos and townhomes, one bath, less than 1000sf, in war zone, repairs over 10k. Two properties that you sent before were listed with realtors. 8105 Windridridge and 5726 Justin Forest. Roger and Jennifer were interested, but they could not do anything for six months.

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    In regards to finding sellers to “contract” (NEO signed) with you for a NEHT deal.

    One mistake I have made is calling FSBOs and ???For Sale??? ads! Why? I discovered (the hard way) that 90% of those sellers must get their cash out and most of the other 10% will not consider something creative and will only consider ???Cash???. It???s not because they don???t want to consider something creative ??? they just would prefer to ???cash out??? and be done with the property. Also, trying something ???outside the box??? scares most sellers.

    Call the ads that are ???For Rent???, because the two main objectives have already been resolved: 1. These owners apparently do not need to sell or cash out the home. 2. And, they are obviously willing to stay on their existing mortgage and lease it.

    I only need to ask two questions:

    Can you tell me a little about the home?

    Let them volunteer some information about the home. You main reason for this question is to build rapport with the owner. People warm up when they do the talking. Listen and sound interested.

    Wow, this home sounds really nice, would you consider selling it?

    If they say no, then say, Thanks, but what I am looking for is something I could rent for a while until I can get qualified and then I could buy.??? Leave them your name and number so they can contact you later if they change their mind about selling.


    Avatar of almon

    And, “I’m looking for something in a Long-Term Lease.”

    To “For Rent” or “For Lease” looks like less trouble and more $$$$

    Then, “Have you considered selling, Mr./ Ms….” = built in EHTrust Deal.

    Avatar of spunky

    OK, I will start calling on the for rent and the fsbo signs that I see when driving around.

    Thank you Almon and David B. Do you have web sites that describe what you can do with NARS help?
    I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, so I will not put anything cr NARS on my web site. However, I am still seeking any suggestions for improving it.
    By the way, I wrote the wrong web site before. It is really, http://www.uccapital.net

    Avatar of homesavers

    Great website, Connie. Get it out there to the right people.

    Avatar of areyes

    Here’s the content on my websites I designed/coded.

    Seller brochure sites
    http://www.heyibuyhomes.com (cash offer site for wholesale and short sale deals)
    http://www.mybackupoffers.com (mainly for EHT
    http://www.thefullpriceofferguys.com (mainly for EHT)

    Buyer brochure sites

    Single landing pages (I have over 50 landing pages for RB’s and SB’s)

    Individual landing page for properties when I get NEO’s signed

    Avatar of dbhenderson

    Check out my web site http://www.lease2ownutah.com.

    It’s on my profile.


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