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Documentation in Spanish

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    Just curious, is there any way or are the documents/contracts that we send to sellers and buyers in spanish?

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    I would like Spanish documentation too. 4 times in the past 2 years i have seen Spanish speaking citizens trade a shoebox of $100 bills for a house.

    Last time this topic came up it was a total embarassment. :oops:


    My family came to Texas from Prussia legally in 1856 and only spoke Prussian for the first 3 generations.

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    I appreciate the lively conversation on this topic and even appreciate the revival of the string of posts on this topic from 17 months ago.

    Once again, I have a different perspective than that of a poster on this Board. I am respectfully disagreeing. There is absolutely nothing that I see that is embarrassing here.

    The last time this topic came up, a very powerful choice was made! This choice was made by Bill Gatten himself and it was and is wholly his choice to make. The System and Process of Trust Documentation that we currently use is still Bill’s trademarked intellectual property and he chooses to conduct his business and present his Trust Documents in English for use in America.

    Oh, and just a guess here, but darn near every single person residing in America and reading these words has ancestors that were immigrants who came here from other lands. Mine included.

    I am encouraging each and every one of you to consider the possibility of being tolerant and prudent regarding furthering this conversation.

    If Bill chooses to make a change, then he will let us all know. Until then, the Docs are in English and only in English.

    As always, it is suggested that all parties be pro-active in gaining a full and complete understanding of any and all Docs before signing them. Bill’s Letter of Certification from that previous string says it really well.

    “I certify here that I, _______________, have been directed by the preparer of the subject documentation to have each page, paragraph, sentence and phrase reviewed and interpreted for me by a competent bi-lingual attorney (i.e., competent in English and _______________, and I have done so. My attorney’s name is: _______________.

    In signing these documents I am acknowledging that although I am not fluent in the language of America (English), even though I have resided in this country for ___ years, that I do fully understand their intent and protections, as well as their benefits, obligations and respective penalties for failure to adhere to all of their requirements.

    Further, I agree to hold _______________ and its/their employees, representatives, and or assigns free and harmless from any misunderstanding that I might claim as being a result of my inability to fluently speak and read the American Language (English).”

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    Yep! Dat do sho be’s what I said. Yep!

    If you cain’t talk this here language, then get yerself some body that can.

    Talkin’ American proper-like and stuff is what this here country ‘vowers is all about anyhow.

    Bill Gatten (All American)

    Actually we’ve looked into Spanish Language translations many times and simply can’t find anyone who we can implicitly trust to accurately translate such complex concepts meticulously enough to protect us and the parties (and you).


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    @oscar1075 wrote:

    Just curious, is there any way or are the documents/contracts that we send to sellers and buyers in spanish?

    Yo vendo casas a la gente que habla espanol. Todo el papelo es en Ingles.

    I don’t know about you… I been making good money buying and selling houses… Sometimes the only currency I have is my Spanish.

    You have to remind yourself that Spanish Speaking people hate paperwork.:shock:

    Make your presentation verbal with a minimal brochure consisting of

    a PICTURE of the house, Full Address, # OF BEDS, # of baths, GARAGE, Down Payment, Total Price, Loan years, MONTHLY PAYMENTS, Interest Rate, and a map on the reverse of brochure.

    Guys will ask you for a CASH PRICE. Tell the him to look at the house and “make me a written offer”(They never make “written offers”).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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