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Craigslist scams

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    Maybe everyone else out there in the NARS world is already aware of Craigslist scams, but I almost got myself taken by someone wanting to rent one of my properties for a year while on assignment to a major U.S. company (he stated he is currently in Europe and was arriving in the U.S. pronto with wife & daughter in tow). After much email correspondence back & forth, I finally received a $12,500 cashiers check via UPS yesterday as pre-payment for several months of his rent, which included an “extra” $4,400 he wanted me to cash-in & forward “immediately” for furniture he had presumably made arrangements to have delivered to my house. Good thing I called the bank…the cashiers check was one of hundreds of forgeries they have been getting on a regular basis. Per the bank, another favorite ploy of this group’s has to do with automobile purchases…As they say, “buyer beware”.

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    Glad to hear you didn’t get suckered. Thanks for the warning.

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    Craig’s List isn’t the only place with scammers. A new member of this group sent me a private message shortly after I made my first post on this board back in October. I no longer have the message so I can’t quote it exactly, but it basically said he was living in Nigeria, having escaped from somewhere else and he needed some assistance to get to the U.S. He wanted me to start an account in a Bank of America with my money, in my name, and then send him the information to access the account so he could afford to get “to this great country.” I notified either Joe or Jeff (remember, I was brand new and was just complaining to a name) and gave them the information about how this discussion board was being misused and the scammer’s ID name, even the date that he had joined, expecting that he would be removed from the membership roles. I never heard anything further, but he is still listed on the memberlist. So I guess you have to watch out for the one bad apple no matter where it comes from. Caveat emptor!
    I guess I shouldn’t be sexist. Nothing anywhere suggested that the scammer was male. I meant all “he”s to indicate a person of either sex. And that’s my politically correct statement for the day.

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    @JaneDiehm wrote:

    I guess I shouldn’t be sexist. … I meant all “he”s to indicate a person of either sex.

    I never apologize for using the traditional grammatical neuter “he”. Those who get their panties in a wad are distinct minority.


    What you are doing is called using the English language.

    She is implied.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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