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Contractor For Rehab Project in Cincinnati

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    Hi Folks,
    Could anyone recommend a contractor they’ve used in the past in the Cincinnati, OH area?

    Thank you.

    Avatar of scott_l._moyes

    Try contacting Linda Birkley. She is an Agent for Huff Realty in Northern Kentucky and is well connected throughout the Tri-State Area.

    Email: lbirkley(at)huff.com
    Phone: 859-442-1650
    Web: http://www.huff.com/linda.birkley

    Tell her I sent you.

    Also, maybe Dan Ford (kyhomes.org) may have some connections. He is monitoring this thread so I’ll let him give you his contact info.

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    Thank you. I appreciate it.

    Avatar of kyhomes

    I’ve been bedeviled finding a good general contractor for rehabs. If you want do do high-end renovations there’s several that will talk to you, but for fix ‘n flips, a good general contractor has been hard to find.

    However, with that said, I just had my own house painted and would recommend the McFalls Company (contact info to follow.) They hit my place with a crew of three and I actually had to slow them down so I could keep ahead of them (moving things etc.)

    He’s mostly a painting contractor, but he’s done his own investment rehabs and indicated a willingness to do some foreclosure properties for me.

    Here’s his contact info:

    McFalls Company, Inc.
    2240 Hathaway Road
    Union KY 41091
    859-384-1930 (bus)
    859-384-0330 (fax)
    859-743-7579 (cell)


    Dan Ford
    859-816-4580 (cell)
    dan@kyhomes.org (e-mail)

    Avatar of scott_l._moyes

    Here is another idea and where I got my local contractor to do Rehab or Emprovements.

    Find or Start a local Real Estate Investors Club. I guarantee you there are Contractor/Investors there to network with. My Contractor/s all participate with me in the deal or whatever we negotiate.

    There are alot of Starving Contractors who need work. If they are also Investment minded you may be able to Partner with them on a few or in my case develope a long term relationship.


    Scott and Dan,
    Thank you.

    Avatar of almon

    Property Doctor,

    These guys are well above Cinn., but may be useful to you, Dan, C.J., etc. as reference.

    M & J’s Services
    Remodeling/ Building/ Painting/ Concrete
    James Tranner

    Two Brothers
    Repair/ Maintenance
    Welding/ Electric/ Plumbing/ Drywall/ Block

    Good luck with all that,

    Avatar of corkhorner

    Based on info you shared with me, you need specialty contractors to assist with your Cincinnati project.

    You do not need a general contractor. You can be the ‘owner/builder’ general contractor. ‘Trust me’, I have been in the biz since 1965 in all those different situations.

    “There are many ways to find/identify the trades/specialties you seek there.

    Online yellow pages [Yahoo and others ], ServiceMagic, Local services in newspaper.

    The key is to qualify any applicant/trades/contractors by ASKING QUESTIONS . As Scott Moyes indicated, there are a lot of Hungry Contractors. That is the very condition that needs to be watched and supervised in Owner Builder situations.

    You can get a lot of valuable knowledge/insight too from the Cincinnati Building Departments, online or phone.

    Cork Horner
    Cork Horner & Associates
    Realty & Construction Consulting Services

    619 692 4353



    Thank you.

    Avatar of rick


    If you need a good list, you can go to http://www.thebluebook.com and find a list of any type contractor you need. You can seperate union from non-union. I would pick a union contractor and check their advertisements along with the local union, BBB, and Contractors Board online to check out their record.

    hope this helps,

    Rick Archuleta

    Avatar of rick

    If you are going to be the owner/builder you might want to consider getting the http://www.homebuildingmanual.com. It has a checklist for every division of buildng a home from grading, framing, electrical, plumbing, sheetrock, HVAC, painting, trim so you won’t miss a thing. It will tell you how to check out contractors, financing, payment schedule for each contractor, what questions to ask contractors, bidding checklists etc. When talking with the contractors they should be able to give you a basic cost per square ft off the top of their head and should be detailed oriented. Like Mr Cork says, ask a lot of questions using the manual along with the blue book ads and you can get a good sense. Make sure and use the manual every day and you will do just fine. The home building manual is $49.95 and worth every penny.
    If you want to find out how much it cost per square ft. you could get the RSMeans Construction Estimator book/CD and it will break down the detailed cost in every area in the US. The National Construction Estimator is a good basic source also.

    good luck,



    Frank, the author of the homebuilding manual says thank you.
    Thank you.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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