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be honest-when was the last time you sent out an offer

Home Forums General EHTrust/EHT Topics and Creative Real Estate Financing be honest-when was the last time you sent out an offer

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    Great thread! It’s quite educational to read what others are doing and where the struggles are.

    I’m a newbie with 2 signed NEO’s. I am currently using my time to develop relationships with mortgage brokers or loan officers to find RB’s. I only have about an hour a day to work on this biz right now. My goal is to start making an offer a day just the way Scott and Dave Henderson have described. I’ll keep you all posted.

    I would like to add the question -What are you all doing to attract RB’s? Is anything working well that I/we can emulate (Copy :wink: )?

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    RB’s are “attracted” by:

    3×16 ft banners on the property

    Newspaper ads

    Bandit signs on the corner

    magnetic signs on your car

    Bill boards

    Bus bench ads

    Posters in store windows

    Door hangers

    Windshield stuffers

    Radio and TV

    Buyer seller seminars (in person on the phone)

    Word of mouth

    Staying in touch with this website

    Handing out flyers at local gatherings

    Leaving flyers at every Open House you come across

    Advertising with Realtors, mortgage brokers and financial planners

    Sky writing

    Shouting from roof tops

    Disrupting the Democratic Convention

    Overthrowing small governments

    Writing to all the servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Scrawling on public bathroom walls

    Tee-peeing your neighbors trees with your advertisement printed on the toilet paper

    Holding a fortune cookie factory hostage ’till all of your advertising is inserted into each cookie. (Hey! Wait! I wonder what that would cost? Whoa! Another great pearl from the unplumbed mind of the Great Gattini)
    “Your life-style i improving. You will soon be moving! To own a home with No Down & No qualifying.. Call me (xxx) xxx xxxx.”

    Avatar of kberggren

    My heartfelt thanks to The Great Gattini!!! I am looking for fortune cookie factories right now and I will remember to take my sharpie into all public restrooms from this day forward.:wink:

    Actually your point is well taken, that marketing for RB’s is only limited by our imagination – and possibly… our pocketbook. At this point my pocketbook is slightly limiting so I am hoping to gain a little insight about what some members are presently doing successfully ( and even the bombs are instructive). I know we are not all in the same market but I am hoping to save a little marketing moo-lah by learning from others successes and mistakes. Call it market research, if you will. I am hoping to learn from the successes and failures of all of you out there – if you will share. I will be happy to report back as soon as I have a few of my own to report on. Here is what I have done so far:

    For the past 4 weeks I have had ads in the local Penny Saver (I am in an area where there is a lot of Real Estate advertising in that paper -circulation 200,000) and I have had about 50 bandit signs out advertising “No Bank Qual……” I have been getting calls but no one with 5%- 6% cash to put down. I am getting bettter at talking to people about the offer and am developing a buyers list. I also bought Scott’s ebook and just started marketing to mortgage brokers and a few realtors. The mortgage people seem to be easier to talk to and more open so I am concentrating on them this week.

    Just a little sidebar – I don’t know any of you but sure love learning from you. Some of the best insrtuction and mentoring I have ever received is coming from this board. Thanks!!

    Keep it coming!

    Thanks Again!

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