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Be Gentle, but I have to ask….does this program work??

Home Forums General EHTrust/EHT Topics and Creative Real Estate Financing Be Gentle, but I have to ask….does this program work??

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    I have met with a few of you and received a lot of information…both were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I have also emailed a couple of you directly. Unfortunately I have not received an answer yet and recognize that my question was long and you are all very busy…no doubt making money:)

    My question is simple…can I make a living using this approach here in California. I need a miracle, my current business has failed and BK awaits along with 250k IRS/State tax issues. I want to deal with both the right way…paying it off. Rich is not what I am looking for…just a chance to start at zero:) If rich happens i won’t be sad but if I can get to zero I will be ecstatic!!! I know that there are a lot of variables with me and having to work being the two biggest. I can’t afford the membership yet but at least its a goal if its something I can believe in. I guess I just need a pep talk.

    Thanks in advance to all.


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    California sucks. Try it outside of California and you can get a better chance.
    California has bad loans, bad mortgages, and high payments.

    There’s a 100% gap between rents and mortgage payments here.

    For example
    $4000 PITI
    $2000 Fair Market Rent

    $2000 Negative cashflow

    This is a 100% gap. If you can’t sell it, you can rent it with 100% gap of negative cashflow.

    Outside of California like Texas, if you can’t sell it, you can rent it with covering your mortgage which can cashflow each month.

    Also it’s just much tougher to do this here in California. If you can address the negative cashflow, then you stand a better chance.

    That’s my .375 cents

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    I agree with Alvin. However, like Scott says, “This system will work anywhere” So look and listen you may find something.

    If you are looking for courage then create action since action cures fear.
    I have been working with the system for a while. I have talked with many people. I say get a JOB to pay the bills and then work on this business on the side. That is my two cents.

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    dave salcido

    Welcome Ken. I hope this discussion board will open opportunities for you to overcome your straits. Indeed it can if you will follow the counsel of Bill Gatten and those on this board that closely follow his precepts. Despite the “sky is falling” cries of doom and gloom that seem to permeate every crevice of the real estate investment world, in my opinion, the future was never brighter for those that have grasped basic principles and functionality of the NARS Equity Holding Trust. I would venture to suppose that even we NARS members do not fully appreciate what we really have. Nevertheless, I have had the good fortune to earn my living using the NARS EHT. I thank those in this forum, (men and women much smarter than me) that have made this possible.

    Ken, my advice to you would be to do as we all have; learn as much as you can about this handy methodology. If you haven’t already done so, download Bill’s free PDF book, No Down and read it several times. Read the posts in this forum. Ask questions. (Don’t be intimidated by “nasty, rude and impatient” NARS veterans. They are really teddy bears in disguise……[you know who you are!]).

    Now with respect to your current circumstances. I would say to you, it’s time to get to work. Even if you do not have all the answers at this point in time, that’s OK. Whether in California or elsewhere, the formula is the same. Make offers, make offers, make offers. I would go one step further by adding this; make friends. Ask for guidance and assistance in partnership with other NARS members. Communicate with those that make you feel the most comfortable and ask to partner with them as an apprentice if you will. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to earn while you learn. I would also suggest that before you actually create and send out offers, you coordinate with your partner/mentor so you get it right. Your NARS mentor will review your work and steer you in the right direction and help you when a seller, buyer, investor, attorney, real estate agent or mortgage broker has questions. If there is a NARS pack rat group in your area, ask them to let you attend.

    Ask your partner/mentor to give you simple assignments for starters. Simple chores like calling home sellers and asking if they would be willing to stay on their loans for a full price offer. As you become more proficient, ask for new assignments while following up on previous assignments. Your mentor should know when you are ready for the next step and he/she will coach you forward. Your mentor will also let you know if your offer should be a long term EHT or a short term EHT “flip”. When successful, Both will provide opportunities for instant and long term wealth building. It may not happen overnight, but then again, it just might. Recently, my partner and I connected with a builder in Idaho that needed to dump a property (at 50 cents on the dollar). We partnered as beneficiaries, found a qualified investor who also became a beneficiary and the investor purchased the property from the trustee. All of this took just 30 days and all the beneficiaries had a real nice payday. So Ken, good things can happen in a short period of time.

    I tell you this to offer you hope that your situation is not insurmountable if you will take advantage of the resources that are available to you and if you have the fortitude to work your plan. Trust me when I say that this really does work. And it works in your own back yard!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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