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Bad Attitudes and Newbie Attacks WTF

Home Forums General EHTrust/EHT Topics and Creative Real Estate Financing Bad Attitudes and Newbie Attacks WTF

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    Hey Guys: I AM A NEWBIE SO SUE ME!!

    There are several newbies on this forum that are asking valid questions and want real answers. This is not a chat line for the lonely and bored. We are all trying to make businesses out of these concepts and ideas.

    These forums are (I think) to learn, share, and contribute to each others sucess. I have seen several questions that are not stupid or unreasonable and that should make us all take pause and think out the situation that the member is in and see HOW we can apply the informatoin not WHY are they asking this stupid question. Answers that berate or point out that you are and Old Timer or that imply that the newbie is wasting good web space and your precious time dont help them and Im sure dont benfit you either.

    If you Old timers dont have the time or desire to help then just ignore the post. Please dont discourage those that really want answers.

    Lets use this time and forum for positive partnering and helping one another.

    NEWBIES remember, The only Stupid Questions are the ones you dont ask.

    I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him – ‘Galileo Galilei’

    I have met several I could not teach and for that I blame myself


    GO JOHN!
    :oops: I’M A NEWBIE TOO SO SUE ME TOO!! :P

    I am in total agreement with you. Some of the Old Timers out there sometimes can be harsh in responses and make us newbies feel insuperior and (or) stupid & idiotic.

    After a response I recently received- I was going to stop posting on this site – but your thread has made me realize there are NARS members out there (both Oldies & Newbies) that really do care about answering questions and supporting each other.

    Once I become an “Oldie” I will remember those that freely gave information based on their NARS knowledge & experiences & will freely pass on what I have learned to “Newbies” so I can contribute to their success.

    PASS IT ON….. :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

    And above all – keep thinking positive

    Thanks again for this post.

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    Rule #4

    Avatar of sstanton


    Two things come to mind here.
    1. does rule #4 apply to the learning area? Yes, we will get grilled in the field, but why here?

    2. Will the “NewBies” really know what rule #4 means?

    Bill’s rules:
    1. Show up (on time)
    2. Pay attention
    3. Be honest
    4. Stay unattached to the end result

    We all could be a little kinder to the new kids on the block.


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    we will all get harsh criticisms, negative feedback, etc. when we go out in the field and run into old goats and conventional thinkers. i just dont let it get to me and it helps me grow a thicker skin in this industry.

    if it makes the newbies feel stupid or idiotic, will it stop them from what they’re trying to achieve or are they going to let it go and move forward.

    i agree it shouldn’t be here. therefore rule #4. let it go and keep asking

    Avatar of red12

    Though I’ve been here for a year now, I still consider myself a newbie given my minimal EHT experience. Having said that, I’ve received TONS of help on this board. There’s only one member of this board that I can think of that may come across as kind of “gruff” at times. It’s just his nature I believe and he’s been a great help to many on this board. He has a lot of knowledge and shares it freely. It was, in fact, one of his posts on another CRE board that led me here.

    My (unsolicited) advice:
    1. Use the “Search” button
    2. Refine your search and use it again!
    3. Read the material in the Success Pack until your eyes glaze over.
    4. Get some sleep then repeat #3
    5. Don’t be so “thin-skinned”. Listen more to what people say than how
    they say it. Everyone here really is trying to help you succeed.

    I’ve never seen a system like Bill’s that allows those who’ve only purchased the Success Pack access to so much information and advice. If you’ve ever been involved with any other “guru’s” system, you know that this sort of mentoring and advice comes at a steep additional price. It’s not included in your “basic” materials/CD’s/DVD’s/manuals.

    BTW, Welcome!

    Avatar of scott_l._moyes

    I can almost asure you that you are only getting flack from Gary. He is really a nice guy. He is a little high strung and uptight sometimes but he is a good guy to get to know.

    Please, take it all in stride and allow the others to chime in and give you more answers and experiences.

    Keep asking your questions, even if you don’t have a Success Pack or have never heard of or read Bills Book/s.

    You are welcome here, right guys and gals?

    Ok, everyone say hey.

    Avatar of ericw

    What Scott said. Plus, if you can’t take his criticism it is mild compared to what you will get from some of the more hard headed and ignorant people out there. I thin Gary is telling you, in his own style, that you absolutely MUST know the material as well as possible because if you don’t you are going to get chewed, spit out and limp home. Been there, done that, not anymore!

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    “You can’t teach a kid how to ride a bicycle at a seminar”…author ,is it Sandler?

    Maybe a paraphrase could be ‘been there done that’. What that means to me is not only going thru the ‘pain ofchange’, but to pay ones dues including taking a few hits occasionally.

    In other words, reading all day, listening to others etc does not replace a real ‘check ride’, in the trenches. Funny how all the learning in the world sometimes get short circuited by innocent questions. Yes,I experience it at times. From that, in my view, experience gives us a new basis for the ‘yeah butts’ and the NayNay Birds. [Bill Gattens favorite anology]

    I think what is of particular note is the info in Bill’s Book “Making it Big AND Keeping it This Time”.
    Yes….like….Keeping itThisTime.

    On another note: It may not be popular to make positive statements about lawyers here regarding land trusts especially, but my experiences over 40 years is that they serve their purpose well when one finds the lawyer to do the job.

    cork horner
    Yes ,I believe in hiring the lawyers who understand ‘my side’.
    Now, perhaps we need to train our own ‘land trust lawyers’?

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    Avatar of bigdaddy_3

    Remember also that a lot of people that you are NOT hearing from are in the trenches doing deals. Hang in there and keep asking.

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