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Anybody here care to open a dialogue?

Home Forums General EHTrust/EHT Topics and Creative Real Estate Financing Anybody here care to open a dialogue?

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    About what?
    There is no end to what.
    Fiscal cliff? Do we have one?
    Warren buffet who recommends buying real estate (!) was interviewed ‘no worry’…
    If you are alive and healthy or alive and not so healthy that is a plus. But to not overlook being healthy as it is the greatest wealth.
    I am focusing on the metro phoenix turnaround.
    Will it change on jan 1 when the fiscal cliff is arrived at?
    Change is certain.
    So , who’s in, and who ain’t?

    For me the cre cycle is just another crap shoot.
    Staying power prevails.
    Cork H.
    Phoenix/San Diego
    Crowdfunding is the next equity funding tool being released under the JOBS act.

    Avatar of scott

    Fiscal cliff? :lol:
    Before the Bush tax cut was the tax rate of the Clinton administration. Remember how horrible the economy was in the Clinton years? Wasn’t bad at all.

    I wouldn’t doubt Warren is scooping up houses behind the scenes while saying on TV he wishes it was possible.

    Cash Flow is King. Let the value drop to 30K but keep collecting that 300 cash flow a month. But I don’t thing the fiscal Curb will be bad except for California.

    Avatar of corkhorner

    Thank you Scott for breathing new life here.
    Right or wrong it’s the dialogue/masterminding for progress.
    It cannot be argued whatever produces positive income is a good thing!
    Cork h

    Avatar of buzzbox

    Some say we’ll have a rocky 2013 but somehow bounce along through the year as the Federal Reserve will hold interest rates somewhere close to where they are now. This will maintain the housing market with home buyers taking advantage of the rates and existing homeowners refinancing there loans.

    Fiscal Cliff or no fiscal cliff, the government will muddle through and continue to debase the currency in multiple ways. After the muddle, then what?

    How far out is the real shock? Nobody knows – but it is out there.

    Right now the emphasis is on bringing the unemployment numbers down – that’s what the stimulus is about. The Fed may be successful enough so that interest rates can be increased late next year or early 2014, bringing on a bit more inflation and as a result slowing the real property market.

    How does one view the present and near term future situation with respect to investing time money and energy into single family housing?

    I’m starting to think combining the standard NARS approach with mortgage reduction/elimination emphasis may be the most prudent course of action. Selecting only those properties that have been securitized. Once the deal is under control you go for lien cancellation. Crowd Funding, or outside investors, can be used to process the auditing and legal action expenses for a Quiet Title result, in exchange for a piece of the action.

    Part of my reasoning is that property values are likely to head downward in the future, maybe not within a year or so, but anytime after. So holding longer term may not produce the returns to justify that approach. Any holding beyond a year of more should anticipate that given the way our economy has and will continue to be mismanaged by government bureaucrats, we need a way to hedge our bets. Definitely we should participate in any loan amortization as it may prove to be the only return available.

    That’s my present view on it anyway.

    Avatar of corkhorner

    Great thinking Dave.
    Whenever the SEC unleashes crowd funding I foresee it being a new equity participation weapon.
    As to ‘The Future’ the good is nobody knows it and predictions are anybody’s game.
    As george bush said 911″ we didn’t think they would do that”

    A simple approach? Live life for simple pleasures.
    A hot fudge sundae, chocolate shake whatever.
    Maybe even a few kaluas occasionally?
    Someone wisely suggested don’t go to your deathbed regretting all the things you had not done!!!!!
    At 75 I am perusing mine! What I haven’t done–YET.

    One of my fondest ‘wants’ is to seduce thr lurkers out here. They know who they are.
    As bill GATTEN said in his dec 29 Saturday call , don’t let PAC or EHT get in your way if Just Doing Deals. I have used that approach since 1960 .
    The greatest aspect of the future Iies in our inherent powers to think and act.

    As warren buffets son said on Piers Morgan he saw his dad seal big deals with a handshake only!
    Ahhhh, trust you say?
    I’m in.
    OK lurkers ‘gopher it’

    Cork h
    Phoenix/San Diego

    Avatar of abekrister

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