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Any Houston Group meetings?

Home Forums General EHTrust/EHT Topics and Creative Real Estate Financing Any Houston Group meetings?

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    Group meetings in the Houston area? Who, when and where?

    Avatar of jim_pasquini

    Very large real estate investment club in Houston; RICH

    Not EHT specific, but maybe it is incumbent upon you to start a PACRATS meeting before or after. Seems to me they met on a Saturday morning on the UH campus at the Hilton, but that was many moons ago.

    Avatar of ron

    I know about the RICH Club, been there. It has grown from 50 or so on a Saturday morning once a month to a daily activity with thousands of members.

    Its like going to Lakewood church and trying to talk with Joel Osteen.

    Just wondering about Narsonians in the area that may want to get together and swap strategies and horror stories and the like.


    Avatar of jim_pasquini

    psssst…PACRATS. Build it and they will come.

    Reach out to Peter Michael of this forum, San Antonio resident and Houston frequenter. His website is http://ama-kya.com/

    Avatar of ron


    I sent Peter an email earlier this week had a Seller in his area needing help.

    Do they gather form here, take it to there, gather from there and bring it back here?

    I think I will open up a local store that will allow customers to play with an ideal solution to real estate related problems.

    What should I call it?

    Avatar of bill_gatten

    Contact me for the by-laws and set up ideas.

    We have sever Houston members, but most of them have gone to seed. I think they need you.


    Avatar of ron

    Sometimes to be needed and disallowed to rise makes for lousy bread, fellows.

    Ok, I will shoot you a request for information.

    P.S. a short one on my progress.

    I???m trying to get a handle on the smoothest way of working the system or the system working me without drowning myself or the client with my unbelievably vast and superior knowledge of the mumbo jumbo, ha!, and by absorbing as much as I can from this sight and the success materials provided.

    I keep the tapes in my truck at all times. I am on the road 4,000 miles a month on average, tinkering and problem solving for my employer, that???s a lot of listening time as well as tinkering.

    I am also working to coalesce (crossword puzzle) around a central point, plan and process that works best. So far I have found that the less initially said to the seller the smoother the conversation goes. What can be done is better than how it will be done.

    I have yet to put together a transaction but I realized that once you make contact with the ball, put your shoulder into it and apply a little pressure, things will begin to happen that will require you to take action, however erratic.

    In this market it seems that having ready, willing and able RB???s is of the greatest importance in completing a successful transaction. With out them you have nothing but a list of NEO???s and unhappy SB???s for which you may have through marketing promised an amazing remedy. Word of mouth can help or hinder.

    At that, it would be extremely inspirational and invigorating to have a local group of like minded and experienced individuals willing to work towards a common goal and provide inspiration, help and support for us fledgling or should I say PAC mice. If it takes a mouse to round up the RATS I may be up for it as long as it doesn???t become another of those set around talk the game and never get off the bench things.

    I think I will finish now; my fingers are getting a sore throat.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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